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Morning Everyone.

Today I am feeling a bit down and dreading tomorrow. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the death of my lovely Dad. Although he was suffering from several medical conditions, he died suddenly from the one of the conditions that no one was at all concerned about, and it took us all completely by surprise. I still miss him terribly, so tomorrow won't be great. I would normally visit Mum with some flowers, but she is going away for a few days at the weekend so won't be there to appreciate them. Instead I decided to make her a little something that she could take with her if she wants to.

I remembered a program I got ages ago to create photo pages laid out in such a way that the A4 sheet could be cut into from each end and scored to fold into the inside of the book. I have seen similar instructions to create photo books from 12X12 paper...but this allows you to print the photos straight onto the pages. The kit also included the chip board covers. I hadn't got around to using the kit before, you know how it is! I have to say I was pleased with the effect, the book looks professional and sturdy. I will take it up to Mum tomorrow to check she is ok.
My Lovely Dad
Head on over to Julia''s blog to see lots of other projects and workspaces of lots of very talented people.


  1. Diane lots of hugs for you and your family for tomorrow xxx The book is really gorgeous, what a beautiful memento :)
    Karen #84

  2. Sending you hugs for tomorrow. Make the day special with lots of happy memories of an obviously much loved Dad.
    A x

  3. Thinking of you - no one is like your own Dad. Hope your mum likes the present - maybe you should do one for yourself too! Hoping you can celebrate the memories too tomorrow.

    Sarah (sasa)

  4. HUGS for you and your family!

    Your little album is beautiful.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sam xxxx
    # 26

  5. Thoughts are with you this week. My mother passed and it is difficult at times even now after 22 year. The picture book is a nice thing!
    Vickie #59

  6. That book is lovely, and I hope things go well for your this week. Try to remember all the good things and forget the bad ones.

  7. Wonderful book, Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

  8. So sorry about your dad. No matter what the circumstances are, it's always hard to lose a loved one. I do hope you were able to have a good week. Lovely pic of your dad and I'm sure your mom will love the beautiful photo book.

    Happy be-lated WOYWW and
    Thanks for sharing! :)


  9. That book looks fabulous Diane and such a lovely thought behind it too!
    Chrissie #22

  10. That is a lovely idea Diane, and a really gorgeous book that I am sure your Mum will treasure.

    Cazzy x

  11. It's a beautiful book Diane, what a lovely idea, and a great memento


    and once again...I'm even later than I thought I was!!


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