Oh My!

It has been nearly 2 and a half years since I posted to this Blog! Where has the time gone!

I fell out of love with blogging, does anyone still do it? I have no idea if anyone will even see this post!

Oh well, never mind. I just thought I would post some pics of cards made recently. I had stopped crafting for pleasure, more or less. Just making cards as and when I needed to send one, not much fun in that really, just get one done an sent. Since lock down began my neighbour and her friend have been raising money for the local children's hospice as their fund raising has been so terribly hit. They are both sewers. I dabble with sewing, knitting, everything really, but papercrafts are my favourite, so I thought I might be able to help them out. I donated some cards and gift boxes and notepads, and I made some frames too. They seemed to be quite popular, but it also served to get me back into making things for the pleasure of it, not just out of necessity. I have almost forgotten how to post pictures......

Well thats me caught up for the time being.
Stay safe and well!

Soccer Mad....again

Following on from my last post, the football card I made was really well received, which has led to a similar further request. This one is for an older lad, still Saints mad, so I tweaked the idea and came up with this....

Hopefully that one will be equally well received.

My long time friend has a birthday this week too. We met many years ago when our boys started school and have been friends ever since. He is what I made for her...

Hope she likes it too.

That's all for now

Football Mad Card

I was asked to make a card for a football mad 8 year old by the name of Riley. My brief was that he was a Saints (Southampton Football Club) fan, was especially interested in the Goalkeeper, and loved football.
He is what I came up with...

I chose a pull up card. Haven't done one of these cards for ages, but it was a really good shape to work with for this design. The goalpost and the footballer etc were files from the Silhouette store. The Pull up card was a template I made a cutting file for ages ago. The |Saints Club Badge came from Google, along with the shirt designs which I resized in Silhouette to fit my little men. Riley's birthday is still a few weeks away, but I hope he will like it. His Gran was thrilled to bits with it, so that's good.
'till next time...

A Long Time No See..

Wow, I didn't realise how long it has been since I blogged anything. I have lost my way with this a bit. Perhaps, although I have still been making things, I didn't think them important enough to share, I don't know. That has changed now.

A couple few weeks ago we had some very good news. My Daughter's Partner of 4 years asked my Husband if he could marry Jenny. Dead old fashioned I know, but really lovely and thoughtful. Of course blessing was given immediately. We both think the world of John and he has felt one of our family for a long time now. We had to keep this secret from my Daughter for 6 WHOLE WEEKS!!!
I got to help John choose a ring, which was lovely, but the engagement was a surprise for Jenny for their fourth anniversary, which just happened to me on  both my Son's and My birthday. Our family is rubbish at spreading celebrations around as not only are our birthdays the same but also my Son's Partner and my Husband share a birthday!

The engaged couple have jumped straight into making plans and the first thing they wanted was cards to ask their intended Bridemaids and Groomsmen if they were up for the task. These are based on ideas they saw on Pinterest.
I also made them this frame to celebrate the day. They love gaming, in the traditional sense, so this seemed appropriate.

I will try to be a more attentive blogger....

A Special Commission

I have been asked to help out with a couple of cards for someone special. This special lady is about to have her 102nd birthday...yes 102nd!!!

Just imagine what changes she has seen in her lifetime!

With the onset of age it is perhaps not at all surprising that her eyesight is not what it once was, so my brief was NO PASTELS, favourite colour blue....

I have enjoyed creating these cards because the brief of NO PASTELS has forced me to use colours that I perhaps wouldn't normally have turned to. I quite like the results and I very much hope that she can see the details well enough to like them too.