A Special Commission

I have been asked to help out with a couple of cards for someone special. This special lady is about to have her 102nd birthday...yes 102nd!!!

Just imagine what changes she has seen in her lifetime!

With the onset of age it is perhaps not at all surprising that her eyesight is not what it once was, so my brief was NO PASTELS, favourite colour blue....

I have enjoyed creating these cards because the brief of NO PASTELS has forced me to use colours that I perhaps wouldn't normally have turned to. I quite like the results and I very much hope that she can see the details well enough to like them too.



  1. Diane, these were very well received and completely gorgeous! The dark colours and texture are important when the eyesight isn't what it once was. A huge thank you - almost didn't want to give the blue one ;-) Superstar as always x

  2. Oh GOODNESS....2 very beautiful cards!!! I absolutely LOVE the first one!!! Good Morning Diane...I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU so much for your very sweet post to left on my blog....Means way more than you know!!! It truly feels so GREAT to have the passion back to create again and to enjoy doing it!!! How EXCITING for your Christmas present from hubby!!! You are going to LOVE the 3!!!! I wish you a VERY blessed week ma'am!!!! And Thank You again!!!! Penny

    1. You are more than welcome Penny, it’s so good to see you back.


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