Trying to get back.....

Following all the upset around here since January I have been really struggling to craft. I have managed to pull together a few birthday cards for Family etc....well enough to avoid having to actually buy a card in a shop (then I would really know I was in trouble). Trouble is my MoJo, as they say, has gone....not lacking....completely gone. I have come into my craft room many times over the past few weeks, determined to make something, I have shuffled some stuff around, tidied up a bit, tried to organise something, and on the odd occasion, started making something. Usually the "something" has ended up in the bin and I have walked out again having achieved absolutely nothing.
I've had ENOUGH!

We don't have a large family, well not that we have much contact with anyway, which means there is not a huge need for cards to make me produce something. So what's a girl to do?

I have decided that to make me get back into this wonderful hobby I need to find a reason to make. My Daughter and her partner, and soon my Son as well, work for a wonderful local company who seem to do a lot to raise monies for charities in the area. They often have raffles, so I decided to make some card sets to donate to their raffles as prizes. This is my first one. I struggled a bit to begin with, but by the end I was actually starting to have fun. I thought I had better show them, so here they are. Not my best maybe, but a reasonable start on my way back.

I have just discovered that Blogger isn't supporting the new browser in windows 10! What a pain!


  1. Hi Diane, nice to see some of your gorgeous cards again. I love the teal you have used and they are all gorgeous! What a lovely idea to make them for raffle prizes. Oh - is that why I can't see anything on blogger, it starts off ok sometimes then goes downhill rapidly!
    Carol x

  2. What a gorgeous selection of cards.
    Hope you soon find your mojo! Its not far away if these cards are anything to go by xx Jan

  3. Missed you!! These are just beautiful Diane - lovely cards!!


    Di xx

  4. Thank you Ladies, it's good to know that someone stills reads me! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.😀

  5. Hi Diane
    well if these cards are not your best I would love to see your worst as they would be better than my best!!!
    So glad to see you crafting again - I have just read your last post (don't know why I missed it before) and didn't realise what a really tough time that you have been having :-( so sorry.

    When my mojo goes missing I try and grab some inspiration at Pinterest but beware as it is a serious time waster!
    Your cards are stunning and well done you for donating them to a good cause.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Eve xx

  6. It's me again Diane! Why not link one of these photos into the Playground tomorrow? Really lovely makes - and you did use snippets :)


    Di xx

  7. I am sorry to learn of all your troubles Diane. I hope things improve for you in the coming weeks.

    I do love the selection of cards you're showing here. Thanks for entering the Snippets Playground with them. Hope to see you on the swings soon.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. Your donated cards are really sensational, Diane. How wonderful to know your cards will be bringing strangers such happiness - and raising money, too!! I call that win-win!!

    I have finally caught up to you in my New Friends Corner and made my way here. Thank you so much for joining me! It is a pleasure to meet your through the Pixie Peeps and follow you back! I hope to see you round my place again soon. I recently did a post about "Cards for Causes" and I mentioned a Christmas card drive ~ in case you might be interested in checking that out, too, as motivation for making your beautiful cards!

    I also wanted to say how sorry I am for what you have been going through this year dealing with the loss of both your FIL and MIL. I hope things are looking up for all of you as the holidays are approaching. Hugs, Darnell


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