WOYWW...I am back

I am totally sure that no one has missed me at all, but I am back and I am in the right frame of mind now to join in once more, if you will have me.
We have had some bad stuff to deal with here which has knocked me somewhat. I haven't been able to do anything other than the essentials for a while, but I am feeling more like connecting to the world again .
My Desk Today:-
I am presently reorganising my stamps. and I am fed up with not being able to find what I want. So I have decided to stamp them all onto cards so I can file them and catagorise them. Thanks for the idea Di!

Now any of you who remember me may think "that's not her desk" well yes it is. I used to be a bit squashed into the room upstairs above the garage. My Husband was having on of those "if we won the lottery" conversations, and one of the things he said he wanted to do was to extend the house to give my Son more room. He has a bedroom which takes a double bed and wardrobe, but not much else. He is 17 now and well into computers etc. He just needs more space. Well I pointed out that that was not going to happen, the best we could do would be to give him my room. My room came into being because I used to work from home, so needed office space. My craft room was squeezed in alongside that. With the business gone I no longer work from home, so thought that it was only fair to give him the room. After some thought and discussion between my Husband and my Son they came up with the idea that if he was to have the upstairs room  he could incorporate the xbox etc into it leaving what was the old dining room vacant....for ME!
After a lot of work, and an awful lot of lugging boxes up and down stairs (I honestly didn't know I had soooo much stuff!) this is what I now have.
 So there is the desk itself, with lots of shelves above for storage. Then to the left this is what I have.
 Panning round the room this massive cupboard was in the room already. It used to house all the kids boxed games. So most of those have now gone to Charity giving me masses of storage.
Panning round again...more trusty Ikea drawers and my A3 printer. In the Summer ( if it ever stops raining!) I will even be able to open the doors and have fresh air from the garden.
This move has worked out so much better than I ever thought it would and that has helped get me back into the swing of things. Thank you too anyone who has bothered to read this far. To see what is happening on everyone elses blog head to The Stamping Ground and check out Julia's blog.
See you soon!


  1. Brilliant Diane - you came out with a winner there I think so who needs the Lottery anyhow :)

    Good to see you back, now let's see you fully into crafting mode too. Happy WOYWW. Di xx #49

  2. Hi Diane, like you my space is in what once was the dining room and it is a wonderfully light and inspiring space.
    I love good storage. Ive got a wall devoted to inspirational images and things it's better than wallpaper.
    Have a great WOYWW
    Lynn 53

  3. What a perfect space you hace to create in, I have stored all my stamps in CD, DVD boxes and numbered them. I then stamp the image into a folder (catalogue) under the subject required and when needed I look in the catalogue which gives me inspiration too and obtain the case. Hope this helps you....

    Eliza #19

  4. I spy a little crafting buddy under the desk, aw!
    Your new room looks fab, and I do hope we get open-door-crafting-weather soon!! :)
    Laura 100

  5. The room looks great! Thank goodness for ikea! Hve a great creative week hugs trace x 40

  6. oh my! what a stunning work space - i am sooo envious!! can't wait to see what you create...
    nice to 'meet' you :)
    no. 82

  7. ...a very neat, tidy & organised work area and a bundle of furry loVeliness to keep you company too...thank you for sharing today...Mel :) #34

  8. Loving the new craft space, it looks fabulous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, hugs, Karen xx #12

  9. Hi Diane, I love your new room, so much light and the light furniture makes it even better, but it is far too tidy, I think you need to get some crafting under your belt, in your new room. At least crafting should take your mind off your recent problems - and I bet your Son is one happy lad too. Regards, Anne #44

  10. Lovely craft space!
    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #25

  11. Great expansion idea!Am envious of all the space and light you have there! I can see your cute dog under the table and he looks very comfortable there!

    #58 TWA

  12. Love your your new to you room. It looks very well organized and so nice that you have cupboards to stash things in. I think frustration at not being able to find things is what leads many of us into organizing. Or re-organizing, or re-re-organizing. Love your sweet little puppy at your feet under your desk.

  13. I must say I think you got the better part of this change over. It looks really nice and to have those French doors to open and also the light they let in for you. Wonderful! Thanks for dropping by my blog. #139

  14. Nice to see you back Diane and I hope that whatever the bad was that it's now behind you. Love the new room, it's really worked out for you and I've never heard of a crafter having too much stuff, lol!!

    Brenda 114

  15. Its fab that you are back and I hope things are better for you now. Your room is amazing. I have storage envy!!! Thank you for visiting my desk and have a lovely week xx

  16. I love your room, so bright. Must be a great creative space. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Amy #143

  17. So glad you have come back to join us, we did miss you!!! your new space is fabulous... I love your storage!!! enjoy! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#32

  18. Lovely to see your new workspace. It's great when you have a new creative space and it certainly looks well organised. I love your little friend under your desk too, mine wouldn't fit ... not just because he's too big but also I have loads of stuff stashed under it!!! Thanks for sharing and for visiting too : ) Happy WOYWW Liz at 145 x

  19. oh wow, Diane, your new room is fabulous, love your storage and those gorgeous french doors, my craft room in my last house had french doors which opened onto the most stunning view in the Scottish Highlands, I miss that in summer! Not the rain of course!
    Happy WOYWW Deb xx #141

  20. Sorry to hear you've had difficult times, but lovely to see you back. Your workspace is looking so organised - happy crafting - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  21. wow look at all that new space no wonder you feel like you are right back into it now. You will be right in the middle of everything and able to pop in to do so much more than having to go out to the garage. Those doors to the outside look at that its perfect for you well done. Sandy :) #109

  22. Hi Diane
    so glad you feel able to get back to your blog, Your craft space is looking real good lots of storage and the luxury of French windows!. I looked at those drawers in ikea and they seem perfect for papers etc. I've got a lot of 'make do' furniture in my room but would like to invest in some more suitable things, I feel a trip to ikea coming on! happy crafting x toni #142

  23. Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time. But now you have a fab new roonm to feel better in and crafting really does make you feel better doesn't it.
    janet #43


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