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Hi Everyone,

Wednesday again and boy is it a chilly one today. Walking the dog this morning was not a pleasant experience!

No current picture of the desk today, as there is nothing really happening, just a load of mess. I need to tidy so I can start on some family birthday cards...male ones...the ones I hate doing!

Thought today I would show you the finished 40th Anniversary cards for my cousin and his wife. They are on holiday now until after their anniversary, so it is safe to show you.

This is the one my Mum ordered to send them. She wanted something red and traditional.

 This one is mine to send. They both love there holidays and travelling, and like oriental so I thought I would go with that. This is the front view.....

 And this is the inside....I hope they like it. I am also entering this card into the Quirky Crafts Challenge after being encouraged to do so by Spyder.

Thanks to Chrissie for the Knot Tutorial. Head on over to The Stamping Ground to check out everyone else's desks today

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  1. lovely cards and you could put your third card into Quirky Crafts challenge this time round. Have a great week and have a Happy WOYWW too!

  2. Great cards Dianne, bet your cousins will love them.

    Brenda 83

  3. Both spectacular cards Diane, I'm sure they'll be treasured!

  4. How glorious those cards are!

  5. I think it's a great card Diane, love the folds, (I always get them wobbly!) Thank you for joining Quirky Craft's 'Around the World ' Challenge, now, don't forget to come back on the evening of dec 17th when you can vote for your favourite! Get your blogging friends to come and vote for you!


  6. What gorgeous cards!!! The Asian one is great, inside and out. Glad that you entered and can you remind us next week to vote for you for the challenge?

  7. Gorgeous creations!

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  8. Both stunning beautiful; cards.Imsure they will love them .Thanks for show casing.
    hugs judex

  9. Wonderful card. Thank you so much for entering it into the Quirky Crafts challenge it is perfect!

  10. Gorgeous cards and I love the details.

  11. Great pics! Thank you for sharing.

    Pop over to my blog for my brand new blog candy!:)


  12. Great cards, hope you managed to find inspiration for the male ones, they are a bit of a struggle I agree!

    Alison x(39)

  13. Love your cards. Happy WOYWW!
    Susan xxox #13

  14. Very elegant cards there - I would be delighted to receive (or to be able to make) something so beautiful.

    Bernie #81

  15. Both of these cards are simply gorgeous. I'm in total awe, since I don't make cards very well. Glad Spyder encouraged you to enter the challenge. I hope you win (#4).

  16. Gosh Diane how lovely. And I love that you didn't hsow your desk because it was untidy! It that was the criteria, you'd never see mine!!

  17. Oh wow this card is absolutley stunning

  18. Hi Diane it's a great card you made with the red flowers!
    I'm a new folloewr and I came from Felines Friends!

    La Vikinga / Sweden

  19. Hi Diane, congrats on winning the Quirky Crafts last challenge of 2010, I haven't had an email from you so I don't know if you would like to join us as a Guest Designer. If you want to join us please email me using the link on the blog.

    Cazzy x


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