Hello everyone...I am being very brave today...I have decided to join in the WOYWW "club". So this is my first post in this area, and I hope you will be gentle with me?
Well here is my work desk this morning... I have tidied up a bit in your honour, but won't promise to do that every week!! As you can see I haven't got far with my promarker collection yet. I made my storage area along the back there...now I just have to fill it. Problem is I have loads of duplicate colours due to gift, so I have only put out one of each. My tool holder on the left hand side was made from a tutorial I found on a blog. I was really pleased with that.
The card I am finishing off today is for my little cousin who is gorgeous and two years old this week. Here's a closer look:-

I have been following the WOYWW blogs for a while now...hope you don't mind me joining in!

P.S. thank you for your welcome messages WOYWW ladies....I promise I won't tidy up before I photograph next week!!


  1. Welcome to WOYWW - please don't tidy up it makes me look worse than I am! Your area looks very organised.

  2. Welcome to Wednesdays - now you have taken the plunge, it really does become addictive!

    Love the tool holder - really good idea and your card is so cute, I'm sure your cousin will love it!

    See you next week!


  3. Welcome along, but you're much too tidy. Hope you come back next week and show us what it's really like, lol!

  4. welcome to the merry crowd of woyww-ers, you'll be hooked in no time =). You have a lovely work space

  5. Glad you decided to join in, fab craft space and love that card x

  6. great to see you, and you have a lovely workspace, please do not tidy up on our behalf.

    Facebook has a promarker group, and also ukscrappers has one, on both of these you will be able to swap your duplicate colours with someone else.

  7. Welcome - not minding your joining in at all - tis fab! Your desk seems tidy, I look forward to when you're less shy so that I can put you in a WOYWW category!! And Zots..I thought I was the only person using those left!

  8. There are categories?!?!

    Ha...I have had those zots a very long time...but sometimes nothing else will do the job!

  9. hi there, lovely to see another WOYWWer joining in .. I sat and lurked for ages, then bit by bit my baaaad nawty shady untidy secrets came out LOL Cute card BTW :O))

  10. Welcome to the WOYWW madness. Love you card.
    A x

  11. From one newbie to another...well done!
    The desk looks fab, love the promarker storage and your tool holder (how clever!)
    That card for your cousin is so sweet.

  12. welcome to WOYWW hun,love your work space hugs cheryl xxxx

  13. Its my first time too hun, what a wonderful crafty space you have :0)
    Thank you for sharing :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  14. Welcome to WOYWW Diane! You know now you'll have to come back next week and then forever as it's very addictive!! Love your card and your work space (very tidy!) love those little draws too, what's in them!?? (very nosy!)
    have a good day

  15. It takes me so long to get round and I still have not got half way ...phew.

    Welcome to the club ...nice to see your space ...what do you mean 'tidy up' ...you are very neat and tidy ....more mess please, I say.
    See you next week

  16. yay! (It's me) yah I say, yes the link works!!

  17. Lovely card, such a sweet image :) Lovely storage
    Anne xx

  18. Lovely card and great workspace xx

  19. Welcome to the addiction that is WOYWW

    Thanks for letting us snoop - love your ballerina card

    Hugs Can x


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