AAARRGH...a virus!!!

Had a bit of a scare yesterday. My main computer went on the blink. Didn't seem to want to power up past the initial windows screen....just went black. All sorts of things ran through my mind, but mostly that I hadn't backed up for a month or two. Managed to sort it out in the end when I found that a virus had attacked it. Having cleaned it the machine now seems to be fine (phew!)...needless to say I am now in the middle of a massive back up!

Be warned all you crafters out there....BACK UP!!!!


  1. Thanks for that Diane, I have add on hard drives just in case and hubby has a lot on my stuff on his dongle....(that's what he called it!!) Thanks for the encouragement on the Teddy image!! I'm working on it!! But I'm still not quite there yet. I'm still finding out 'how to do things' At the moment it's just numbers up to ten *I'm thinking maybe ten is too old for cute teddies and bunnies!! I'm thinking maybe later, when I find out how, there'll be papers to go with them. Fingers crossed!


  2. Been there...I now have an online backup system that I don't have to even think about; every time something changes on my PC, it backs up.



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