Mother's Day

For UK readers it is Mother's day this weekend.
I have done the usual present and card thing, but thought I would do something extra this year. I am into bookfolding (my latest craze) so I thought I would do one for Mum. It is safe to post because she doesn't have any access to the internet at all.

This is not quite finished as I am waiting for some lovely brass book corners to arrive from Ebay. I hope they get here before Sunday. Then I just need to cello-wrap the book and I am done.

We also have a birthday in the family. One of our Great Nephew's

A couple of birthdays...

Just a couple of birthdays cards to show you. The first is for my Sister-in-Law, who is into her sewing so this Lori Whitlock file was perfect.

The second is for a friend who has a birthday very soon. This uses the Bloom With Hope stamp set from Stampin-Up.

Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog Is Back!!!!

What seems like a long long time ago I was asked to become a member of a design team for the Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog. After being a member of the team for quite a while illness, and life in general, got in the way and I had to step down. But now the challenge blog is returning and I am back on the team. ( doing a happy dance here while I type).

Cazzy set the first challenge and I was stumped straight away. She decided to make the challenge "Use a photo"...
What's the big deal about that? Well as someone who HATES having their photo taken I rarely take photos if I have to choose a favourite photo I don't have many to choose from.
It just happened that the setting of this challenge coincided with the anniversary of my lovely Maggie passing, and I cherish every photo I have of that was it, decision made.
We need to use a digi image from Bugaboo who are co sponsors of the challenge, along with Crafty Ribbons. I chose to work with Flower Tag 1. I took the image into Craft Artist, recoloured it and turned it into an intelligent frame so I could snap my photo behind it. Hope you like...

I'm Pants....apparently...

I have been told recently (twice, actually....and by the same person) that I am a "pants Blogger" you know what? She is absolutely right! I am a pants Blogger. I used to be good, back when I had design team commitments to fulfill. Perhaps I ought to try to get back into a Design Team??

Anyway, after my Friends (?) comments I thought I really ought to have a catch up on here. So what have I been doing?

My Daughters Friends have just had their second child together, a baby girl called Rae. This is a quick shot of the High Chair I made for my daughter to give to them. I made a moses basket for their last baby, so had to do something different this time.

My Daughter's partner's Brother (hope you followed that) has just got married and this is the card I made for them to give. I really like this card design.
Our Niece is one today, and now the day has come I can post this picture. I don't think the family read the blog, but I didn't want to chance it.

I have spent any spare time over the last couple of days playing with my new Altenew stamps. I just love how these stamps layer up. I am a Stampin Up fan, and love their two step stamps, but these take the idea a stage further, and the effect is lovely. I have tried several different ways to try to line the stamps up can be a bit tricky to get the positioning just right. The best way for me is to use an acrylic block (even though I usually use the Misty). Trouble is I have twice dropped the block whilst trying to twist and turn it to line up the layer stamps resulting in having to start again with that panel. I am waiting for some little acrylic handle to arrive and I will hot glue them to my acrylic blocks to help with my problem. I wasn't aware that I had a problem with my grip...but I obviously have! I love this card shape too. I saw it on Dawns Stampin Thoughts and just had to have a go. A cutting file makes the job much easier though!
Well that's me all caught up (Karen!!).

Catching Up

Hello Dear Reader,

I was pottering around at my craft desk and realised that not only had I forgotten to photograph some of my recent makes, but also that those I had photographed I had forgotten to post! I am useless!

I was asked for a first birthday card and couldn't wait to use this new tonic die that I had purchased..
so cute!
A Graduation card for my Son's Girlfriend, who's graduation ceremony is actually today. She did really well and he is very proud of her.
A really busy time for her because in addition to graduation today, yesterday was her birthday. As they have just spend three weeks in Japan I decided a fan was in order.
On to My Husbands Birthday now, which was also yesterday. He has hit the big 60...but I am not teasing him as I am acutely aware that I am not that far behind him!
Kevin is very difficult to buy for, but he suggested that he might like to improve his cookery skills, so we have bought him a cookery course. I made this stand up chef's hat to house the voucher for the cookery course booking. Made from a file on the Silhouette Store. Made into a top fold card before cutting and then I added the utensils.

Right, I think that's me caught up!