Dan is 21!

Ok this post is scheduled because I can't run the risk of him seeing this before his birthday tomorrow.....and as it is my Birthday too I hope I will have better things to do, no offence intended dear reader!

So what do you get the Son who has everything and when asked what he would like says "nothing I need really!"
Sky diving vouchers! no, I am not deliberately trying to put him in danger or get rid of him.....these are for the indoor skydiving tunnels, which looks fun! But being his 21st I would quite liked to have been able to buy him something that he could keep. I decided to make him a keepsake instead. Dan is a big DC Fan and also really likes Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, so I took my inspiration from that knowledge and....

came up with this. A folded book for the 21st part. Covered with a Game of Thrones map with Game Of Thrones ribbon around it. Couldn't really see him appreciating flowers etc, so went with ivy and fir cones to decorate and then added some Game Of Thrones memorabilia including a book mark, compass and what I am informed is a family medal which has Winter is Coming on it....I know absolutely nothing about Game of Thrones, but I know this must be right as he has a T shirt with that on it, so I am on safe ground there....I hope!