Catching Up...

Anyone There???

Quite possibly not as I am such a bad, bad blogger!
Well, if there is anyone there I thought you might like to see a couple of things I have managed to do.
This was my Christmas Card for my Mum this year. I am hooked on Stampin Up stuff and have built quite a collection over the last year. I normally do a standard card for everyone I send to and then something more individual to Parents. As we lost both Kev's Mum and Dad during the year it is just My Mum left now. Christmas was a bit sad for My Hubby!

I also had a couple of birthdays to make for around Christmas.

Once Christmas was out of the way I couldn't face the craft room at all. I really need something to kick start me again, because when I actually get to it I feel much better and actually enjoy myself, so I don't understand why I am finding it so hard to get going nowadays!
I wanted to do something

My first ever folded book. Loved doing it too!


  1. I'm here Diane! And wow, you came back with a really lovely selection of makes!

    I love your Mum's card (gotta love SU goodies!) and the Birthday cards are terrific. Laughed at the 'cheesy' wishes one and the letter are fabulous on the second card.

    But what a finale - that folded book is just amazing! You must have some shed load of patience there.

    Good to see you making and blogging :)


    Di xx

  2. Sorry Di, I was so excitied to see you blogging again, and of course we've been in touch by email anyhow - but, I have to say again that I so hope 2016 is a much better year for you and also Kev of course.


    Di xx

    1. Thanks Di, you are to blame for my ever growing SU collection....I found Eve because of you!
      Thanks for your good wishes, this year has to be better for us. I am going to try to motivate myself to come into the playground!

  3. It's great to see you back, Diane! Thank you for sharing your Mum's CC and the other two fabulous birthday cards! It is hard to get to the age where we lose our parents and those first holidays without them are so hard. Big hugs to your Kev.

    As I'm reading about your lack of motivation, I'm already starting to formulate words to cheer you on when I get to the comment section and then you go and nonchalantly lay before me a folded book that knocks my socks off! Girl, you should be TEACHING motivation to make something like that, lol!! I hope it was the kick-start you needed to begin regular creating and blogging!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment Darnell. I have a bit of a plan that might encourage me to make at keast one card a week......if i can stick to it. Perhaps i will see you in the playground soon.


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