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I follow a blog called A Piece of Heart. I really like this blog because the lady writing it has the unique ability to find just the right thing to say. She has a blog feature called the Friday Freebie and each Friday she has a sentiment to give away. I have used many over the time I have been following her, but when I saw her offering a few months ago I immediately decided it was a project in the making but, as with everything, it has taken me a while to get around to it.
A while ago I moved my Craft Room lock, stock and barrel, downstairs into our old dining room to give my teenage son more space. He is very into IT and Fitness and he disparately needed more space than his bedroom alone would allow. I am happy to have my craft space here as I now no longer have to carry the dog up and downstairs to be with me when I work and craft. The only problem is that I don't have a door. I have to keep things tidy....well I try to! This is my little bit of rebellion to hang above the entrance...

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  1. Diane, this is fabulous. I love what you did by adding the scissors and other art supplies to the quote. And the crackle background is perfect! Thanks for sharing your project with me and for spotlighting my freebie sentiment in such a great way!!


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