Back, but not very happy!!!

I didn't really realise how long it has been since my last blog (this is sounding like the beginning of a confession! LOL)
Without realising it I had got myself in a Blog Rut. I had fallen in to the habit of blogging for the Quirky Craft Design Team entries, and only those posts. Without realising it I had got to the point where I was blogging because I had to, not because I wanted to. Once I left the Quirky Team I just stopped....just like that. It was a few weeks before I realised it myself, and only a few weeks ago when a fellow blogger (hello Di) contacted me in response to a comment I had placed on her blog, did I realise how long I had been away.

Now the funny thing is I have been meaning to start up again and see if anyone (apart from Di) is actually still following me, but I just didn't know what to write about. I looked at the blog and it looked tired, so I have tried to spruce it up a bit to get my interest back.

It is a bit sad that the thing to prompt me back into blogland is something that has made me really cross. I have spent ages creating to frames for my little cousins birthday which is coming up. It is safe to show you because she is far to young to follow blogs. She is mad on Disney princesses so I thought that I would make something she could keep. My Mum also wants a card to send her...hence the two.

 I finished one this morning and put it aside to dry, then completed number two. I decided they would be my blog relaunch post. Out came the camera and then I saw it........the blasted silicone glue has soaked through on the first one (Aurora in blue). That has never happened to me before! The thing that has made me really cross is that if I had seen that first I wouldn't have used the same glue for the second one..GGGRRRRR!
I am hoping that the marks will dry out overnight, otherwise I will have to start again. Can you see the blodges????