Here is my desk this morning. What can I show you??
Well the postie came yesterday with my Martha Stewart stamp around the page. Shouldn't have bought it really, but I happened to catch it on screen and thought it looked good. Haven't had time to play yet as yesterday was busy. My Son enrolled at College, having done really well in his GCSE's he could choose the course he really wanted. We also had haircuts here yesterday so the afternoon just disappeared. Hopefully I can play today. You can also see a card I am working on. Mum wanted a card for my Cousin's Son, who is to be 11 years old and who is mad on Scrapheap Challenge etc. I thought this one would be easy, but I have found it really hard to find images that were suitable. I think I am getting there now though...just needs finishing off. Apart from all my storage there is not much more to see really.

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