I have just had a lovely email popped into my box from Spyder and she has given me a blog award! I am so chuffed as if is only the second one I have been given. I have a lot to thank Spyder for as it was she who was kind enough to point me in the right direction when I first decided to enter blogland. I found her blog after seeing her on the Card Making World forum. I was impressed by the layout of her blog etc and she was kind enough to give me advise on setting up mine. My blog has been through a couple of layouts since then, but it all started many thanks Spyder.
The rules of this award are:-
To thanks the person awarding to you:- thanks again Spyder.
To share 8 things about yourself on your blog and then to pass on to 8 fellow bloggers:-
Question is what can I tell you that won't send you to sleep??
1. I love to cook, when my kids were small they were both picky eaters and wouldn't eat most of what I made them, so I gave up most cooking in favour of things they would eat, predominantly out of a packet and into the oven type food. But now they love my cooking and it makes me very happy to produce a meal that they all enjoy.
2. I hate housework.....ALL HOUSEWORK!!
3. I love to read...anything I can get my hands on really.
4. I am so proud of my Daughter, passing her test first time (I took 3 goes at it)
5. My Art teacher at school took me to one side and strongly suggested that I shouldn't take Art GCSE as I didn't have a creative bone in my body....I was crushed and mortified! Yah Boo Sucks to you Mr Chips if you are still out there (yes that really was his name!)
6. I refused to go to college or University.....because the teachers were too pushy and all just assumed I would go. Had a rebellious streak back then.
7. I went into banking and ended up managing a local branch before leaving to have the children.
8. My ambition is to pass with flying colours the PaperCraft Certificate course I am about to start....maybe that will lead to a new never know.

Ok that is me then,now who do I pass the award to?

Chrissie- Simply one of a kind
Julia- The Stamping Ground
Penny- Penny Duncan Creations
Jan- Loves to Craft
Ikki- Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard
and to three people I don't really know, but those blogs I admire and follow with interest:-
Kerry- A load of old pickle
Christina- Christina's creative moments
Mandy- Crafty fox cards

Ok that is me done for today....have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Well thanks Diane, I don't deserve it but it's kind of you! I love your 8 things....

  2. Thank-you Diane, I am honored... I hope to get to know you and am now following your ART. Mr.chips didn't know what he was talking about! ;)

  3. Thanks so much Diane, I ea;;y appreciate you thinking of me... as to 8 things... I'll have to get my thinking cap on!

  4. Hi Dianne, thank you for thinking of me and for visiting the Cupboard. ikki

  5. Hi Diane,
    thank you so much for thinking of me....I'm off to follow now so I can see more of your beautiful cards..I will post my award when I've though of the interesting things to say about me and thought about the 8 of my lovely followers to give it to,such a hard decision...
    Mandy xx


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