I had to come on just to have a rant and blow off some steam....

My Mum delivered the card I made for the Scrumpy drinking, electric guitar playing 50 year old order today, and she has just rung me up to say the lady that ordered it wants it changed. (posted here if you want to see it).
Apparently she has asked for the name Jane to also be included in the inside....fair enough I thought. But then she said that she also wanted the scrumpy picture much bigger and that I had forgotten the drum kit!!!!
What drum kit I said. Well I now know that she also plays drums, but the lady didn't ask for that and where she thinks I can put that know I don't know!!!
I am trying to tell myself that the customer is always right but I am not feeling it right now!

Sorry rant over.


  1. oh dear! some people will never pleased whatever you do and they won't appreciate just how much effort and time you put in to things either.

    I hope you manage to sort it out and that you're feeling less "hot under the collar" by now

  2. Oh dear - I'm sure the 50yr old scrumpy drinking, guitar and drum playing birthday lady would be very happy wiht the original as it's lovely - I've had similar troubles with ordered cards and now get people to fill in a very simple order form which asks what I hope are the right questions about what they want/colours/size etc so there's no misunderstandings!!

    good luck sorting it out, I'm sure it will be fine Esther x

  3. me too, I think she'll love it, it's a great card, the order form sounds a good idea, I've never done one tho' but I have had one guy who knocked on my door outof the blue and said the local paper sent him and would I do him a cartoon card,and told me what he wanted (Bit cheeky, concerning two geese) so, I did my best (!!!) Lots of Letraset shading,ink, time, my idea (sort of) etc etc, told him it wouldn't be the same as he's already seen, as I hadn't seen it and he didn't have a copy. He arrived to collect it. He said, oh yes, that's perfect...but the geese are flying the wrong way!!!!! He got out some loose change and gave it to me and said, oh well, it will do, have this for your trouble!! and walked off...smiling at my card....hmmmm He only got a copy not the original

  4. oh I forgot to say...sneak peeks hardly ever get commented on, that's why I said no one reads them!! but I like to do them...

  5. This made me smile, a bit of a rueful smile...........people have no idea what it takes to design and made a card do they?
    En x

  6. Some people are never satisfied... it makes me cross actually... I don't think that they have ANY idea of the work involved in making a card. It was just great!


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