Good News and Bad News

What a strange day today is turning out to be!
Woke up this morning absolutely full of cold...sniff...sniff! Decided that as there was a craft special value on QVC today and There is a 2 hour show on Create and Craft of JennieBeans Designs, showing some of my samples, it was a good excuse to have a put my feet up day!
Had some bad news regarding my Cousin, who apparently has been feeling unwell for sometime. He has now been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and kidneys. Why on earth he didn't see the doctor sooner I don't know. It sounds like things might be too advanced now for the doctors to be able to do much for him. He is only 32 with 2 small boys. Very sad..
So I was sat here with the TV playing in the background feeling sorry for myself....when an email popped into my inbox. I have been accepted onto another design team....not sure if I can say who's yet so I better not say too much more. Watch out for a new logo!!!

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