Catching Up...

Anyone There???

Quite possibly not as I am such a bad, bad blogger!
Well, if there is anyone there I thought you might like to see a couple of things I have managed to do.
This was my Christmas Card for my Mum this year. I am hooked on Stampin Up stuff and have built quite a collection over the last year. I normally do a standard card for everyone I send to and then something more individual to Parents. As we lost both Kev's Mum and Dad during the year it is just My Mum left now. Christmas was a bit sad for My Hubby!

I also had a couple of birthdays to make for around Christmas.

Once Christmas was out of the way I couldn't face the craft room at all. I really need something to kick start me again, because when I actually get to it I feel much better and actually enjoy myself, so I don't understand why I am finding it so hard to get going nowadays!
I wanted to do something

My first ever folded book. Loved doing it too!