Trying to get back.....

Following all the upset around here since January I have been really struggling to craft. I have managed to pull together a few birthday cards for Family etc....well enough to avoid having to actually buy a card in a shop (then I would really know I was in trouble). Trouble is my MoJo, as they say, has gone....not lacking....completely gone. I have come into my craft room many times over the past few weeks, determined to make something, I have shuffled some stuff around, tidied up a bit, tried to organise something, and on the odd occasion, started making something. Usually the "something" has ended up in the bin and I have walked out again having achieved absolutely nothing.
I've had ENOUGH!

We don't have a large family, well not that we have much contact with anyway, which means there is not a huge need for cards to make me produce something. So what's a girl to do?

I have decided that to make me get back into this wonderful hobby I need to find a reason to make. My Daughter and her partner, and soon my Son as well, work for a wonderful local company who seem to do a lot to raise monies for charities in the area. They often have raffles, so I decided to make some card sets to donate to their raffles as prizes. This is my first one. I struggled a bit to begin with, but by the end I was actually starting to have fun. I thought I had better show them, so here they are. Not my best maybe, but a reasonable start on my way back.

I have just discovered that Blogger isn't supporting the new browser in windows 10! What a pain!