Birth Congratualtions

A Couple who are friends with my Daughter and her Partner are due to have their baby soon. I remembered a Moses basket in a box that I last made years ago. I found the pattern, no problem there, but could I find the instruction? Could I Heck! Now what to do????
In steps a blog friend of mine. I first "met" Jan (Blog here) when we were both on a design team together back in the day. I still follow her blog and I remembered that she had posted the very same Moses Basket a few times along the way. Well, she very kindly came to my rescue and sent me a copy of the written instructions so I could complete my project. Very kind Jan, Thank You!
We know the boy is a boy, so I can get this made ahead of time. This is the result.

(sorry about the shine from the acetate).

Hope you like!


  1. This is stunning Diane, love the blue gingham and lace. Thanks for giving me a mention it's very much appreciated. Always happy to help my friend xx Jan

  2. Wow! simply stunning Diane - a work of art!

    1. Thank you Eve, very kind of you

  3. WOW amazing Diane. Love it. Linda x

  4. So very very sweet. Love it

  5. Wow Diane, this is truly beautiful. What a perfect keepsake!


    Di xx


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