I have been organising.......again!

Hi everyone,

I am always looking for a better way to organise my craft stuff. I can never quite remember what I have or where it is stored, especially when it come to my dies and stamps. I started by keeping the dies in their packaging...soon got fed up with that. Then I went onto the magnetic sheets stuck to the back of a cupboard door. That was great, until I had more dies than would fit on the door. Back to the drawing board again. I have placed all my dies in their sets into A5 plastic wallets and am storing them in a rather nice basket I found. This idea works great for me, I used the magnetic sheets from the back of the door to keep the dies in place on a piece of card. I even created a sheet to fill in on the back of each set reminding my of the make and name of the dies, giving my a note of any connected products like stamps or embossing folders, and also making a note of the sandwich required for each machine I have. Are you impressed? Really organised, right? Wrong. Even after all this I couldn't find what I wanted easily. I really needed a way of being able to leaf through all my dies easily, or to just search for a particular dies easily. I read on a blog somewhere that a database app had been used for something similar, so I went on a search and found......


I just have to tell you about this app. I have never posted about anything like this before, but it is exactly what I needed, and I though someone else in craft land might want it too. The great thing is it is free! You can use it to log anything you want, but for craft stuff it is really useful. I have set up a shelf for each type of die, for example flowers, basic shapes etc. You just take a picture of the item, enter a few details and save. Easy , your shelves can be shared on Facebook etc or, like me, you can make them private. I can now enter a search word, find the exact die I want and see what pocket number it is in. Cool! I did have a minor problem with the app after an update was issued, but I emailed and had a personal reply with the hour and the problem was sorted very quickly. Lovely to have personal help like that. I have almost finished my dies now, and then I will do all my unmounted stamps which are stored in the same way. I think I will also catalogue all the mounted stamps and possibly all my embossing folders too! I know....I need to get a life!!!!
Thanks for reading, I would just like to say this is my own opinion of this app,which is available from the iTunes app store. I have not received anything from the app owners to " help" me form my opinion. I hope some of you find this useful.

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