I am really, really sorry, but as you can see below I have had a tidy up. I decided yesterday that as I no longer needed the second works computer on my desk it should go, no point wasting space. So it is now stashed under the desk out of the way. My Techie Son suggested using the spare monitor as a second screen on my machine. A machine that is so old it is started by crank handle! Apparently, once you have a second screen to drag and drop onto you will never go back to one. Well, once I get the second one connected ( I need a wizzy cable??) I will let you know. So a very disappointing desk for you all to see really. You can just see on the floor my unmounted stamp collection, I am in the middle of stamping them all onto card to make an indexing system. A long job, made longer by the fact that there are, frankly, more interesting things to do in life.....but I will get there. I am wondering whether to go the whole hog and scan the images too...your thoughts please?

The only other things of interest are the printout of our holiday place this year. We haven't been able to have a holiday for three years due to the business problems, so we are going to this year, we have booked a lovely looking cottage.
In an effort to save a little face, there is a card I have made for my Daughter's Flute teacher using a cutting file from Birds Cards. Fantastic site with lots of freebies.

I just know that there are far more interesting desks to be seen at Julia's blog....The Stamping Ground. Come and have a look.....