Hi WOYWWers!

Well, despite the nice new craft room I am afraid that today there is very little crafting going on. I have had to be really strict with myself today. It is an Admin first day.I have to do my Tax return (Booooo) and then I need to tackle the Student Finance website.....I am not looking forward to that as their site is never known for running well. It is always an uphill struggle. Here is the desk
As you can see I am ready to tackle it all. Paper work everywhere! Cup of hot water at arms length....I am a bit weird like that, hate coffee and don't really like tea that much. If you look carefully there is a part made RSVP to the left of the paperwork that needs an inner...i will get that done later. Under that is a birthday card that has been ordered, again waiting for an inner to be printed. Maggie, as usual snoozing under the desk.
Well I think that is it from me today. head to Julia's blog The Stamping Ground to check out more crafter's desks....it is fun to be able to nose around!