WOYWW...I am back

I am totally sure that no one has missed me at all, but I am back and I am in the right frame of mind now to join in once more, if you will have me.
We have had some bad stuff to deal with here which has knocked me somewhat. I haven't been able to do anything other than the essentials for a while, but I am feeling more like connecting to the world again .
My Desk Today:-
I am presently reorganising my stamps. and I am fed up with not being able to find what I want. So I have decided to stamp them all onto cards so I can file them and catagorise them. Thanks for the idea Di!

Now any of you who remember me may think "that's not her desk" well yes it is. I used to be a bit squashed into the room upstairs above the garage. My Husband was having on of those "if we won the lottery" conversations, and one of the things he said he wanted to do was to extend the house to give my Son more room. He has a bedroom which takes a double bed and wardrobe, but not much else. He is 17 now and well into computers etc. He just needs more space. Well I pointed out that that was not going to happen, the best we could do would be to give him my room. My room came into being because I used to work from home, so needed office space. My craft room was squeezed in alongside that. With the business gone I no longer work from home, so thought that it was only fair to give him the room. After some thought and discussion between my Husband and my Son they came up with the idea that if he was to have the upstairs room  he could incorporate the xbox etc into it leaving what was the old dining room vacant....for ME!
After a lot of work, and an awful lot of lugging boxes up and down stairs (I honestly didn't know I had soooo much stuff!) this is what I now have.
 So there is the desk itself, with lots of shelves above for storage. Then to the left this is what I have.
 Panning round the room this massive cupboard was in the room already. It used to house all the kids boxed games. So most of those have now gone to Charity giving me masses of storage.
Panning round again...more trusty Ikea drawers and my A3 printer. In the Summer ( if it ever stops raining!) I will even be able to open the doors and have fresh air from the garden.
This move has worked out so much better than I ever thought it would and that has helped get me back into the swing of things. Thank you too anyone who has bothered to read this far. To see what is happening on everyone elses blog head to The Stamping Ground and check out Julia's blog.
See you soon!