I am really, really sorry, but as you can see below I have had a tidy up. I decided yesterday that as I no longer needed the second works computer on my desk it should go, no point wasting space. So it is now stashed under the desk out of the way. My Techie Son suggested using the spare monitor as a second screen on my machine. A machine that is so old it is started by crank handle! Apparently, once you have a second screen to drag and drop onto you will never go back to one. Well, once I get the second one connected ( I need a wizzy cable??) I will let you know. So a very disappointing desk for you all to see really. You can just see on the floor my unmounted stamp collection, I am in the middle of stamping them all onto card to make an indexing system. A long job, made longer by the fact that there are, frankly, more interesting things to do in life.....but I will get there. I am wondering whether to go the whole hog and scan the images too...your thoughts please?

The only other things of interest are the printout of our holiday place this year. We haven't been able to have a holiday for three years due to the business problems, so we are going to this year, we have booked a lovely looking cottage.
In an effort to save a little face, there is a card I have made for my Daughter's Flute teacher using a cutting file from Birds Cards. Fantastic site with lots of freebies.

I just know that there are far more interesting desks to be seen at Julia's blog....The Stamping Ground. Come and have a look.....

Quirky Craft Challenge 11 - spots/dots and stripes...

It is Lyn's turn this time around and she has chosen a them of Spots/Dots and Stripes. You can make anything you like as long as it has those elements. We are sponsored by Robyn's Fetish which of course means that there are digistamp images up for grabs for the winners as decided by the Design Team.....Come along and have a go....here's mine using the TooKewlKat digistamp from Robyn's Fetish. I love this one!


It is Wednesday again...already, so its time to have a nosey around everyone's desk. Apologies for being a bit late to joint he party today. Had to go out this morning and then when I got back I grabbed some time in the garden as it was sunny (yes SUNNY!!!)
So here I am today

Maggie has deserted me today as you can see from her empty bed. She is laying in the sun in the garden. So, on my desk we have a new small sewing machine bought from Ebay, arrived yesterday. Quite limited in the kind of stitches, but it does do proper stitches, not the chain stitch on the back kind. My super duper machine has broken and I cant get a reply to my emails from the local repair shop. (Don't you just hate that?). My trusty old sewing machine weighs a ton, and I just don't want to struggle it out of the cupboard just to stitch on a card....so this is my solution to that problem and I think it will do nicely. Also on the desk the start of a quick card for my Son's friend. He turns 17  tomorrow so it is a driving theme, with the price of a driving lesson inside as a gift.What else...oh a flower making cd I bought ages ago and haven't yet used. I decided I would use it more if I could cut them by machine, so am in the process of importing and tracing them in Silhouette. I think that is about it really. Come to join the party at Julia's blog The Stamping Ground there's usually lots to see....


Hi WOYWWers!

Well, despite the nice new craft room I am afraid that today there is very little crafting going on. I have had to be really strict with myself today. It is an Admin first day.I have to do my Tax return (Booooo) and then I need to tackle the Student Finance website.....I am not looking forward to that as their site is never known for running well. It is always an uphill struggle. Here is the desk
As you can see I am ready to tackle it all. Paper work everywhere! Cup of hot water at arms length....I am a bit weird like that, hate coffee and don't really like tea that much. If you look carefully there is a part made RSVP to the left of the paperwork that needs an inner...i will get that done later. Under that is a birthday card that has been ordered, again waiting for an inner to be printed. Maggie, as usual snoozing under the desk.
Well I think that is it from me today. head to Julia's blog The Stamping Ground to check out more crafter's desks....it is fun to be able to nose around!

Quirky Crafts Challenge - 10 Masculine with Blue and Brown.

Time for a new challenge again. This time it is Caro setting the Challenge and she has decided upon a Masculine theme using Blue and Brown...so quite an easy one I think this time. Our sponsor for this challenge is Paper Pretties, so there is a prize up for grabs.
I struggled to get a decent picture of this card....I don't really know why, I don't usually have any trouble. Even in this one the image looks washed out, which is a shame. It is actually coloured in with Promarkers. Marsh Green and Celedon actually, so not really feint colours....Hey Ho!
Come on over to Quirky Crafts Challenge and enter yourself.

WOYWW...I am back

I am totally sure that no one has missed me at all, but I am back and I am in the right frame of mind now to join in once more, if you will have me.
We have had some bad stuff to deal with here which has knocked me somewhat. I haven't been able to do anything other than the essentials for a while, but I am feeling more like connecting to the world again .
My Desk Today:-
I am presently reorganising my stamps. and I am fed up with not being able to find what I want. So I have decided to stamp them all onto cards so I can file them and catagorise them. Thanks for the idea Di!

Now any of you who remember me may think "that's not her desk" well yes it is. I used to be a bit squashed into the room upstairs above the garage. My Husband was having on of those "if we won the lottery" conversations, and one of the things he said he wanted to do was to extend the house to give my Son more room. He has a bedroom which takes a double bed and wardrobe, but not much else. He is 17 now and well into computers etc. He just needs more space. Well I pointed out that that was not going to happen, the best we could do would be to give him my room. My room came into being because I used to work from home, so needed office space. My craft room was squeezed in alongside that. With the business gone I no longer work from home, so thought that it was only fair to give him the room. After some thought and discussion between my Husband and my Son they came up with the idea that if he was to have the upstairs room  he could incorporate the xbox etc into it leaving what was the old dining room vacant....for ME!
After a lot of work, and an awful lot of lugging boxes up and down stairs (I honestly didn't know I had soooo much stuff!) this is what I now have.
 So there is the desk itself, with lots of shelves above for storage. Then to the left this is what I have.
 Panning round the room this massive cupboard was in the room already. It used to house all the kids boxed games. So most of those have now gone to Charity giving me masses of storage.
Panning round again...more trusty Ikea drawers and my A3 printer. In the Summer ( if it ever stops raining!) I will even be able to open the doors and have fresh air from the garden.
This move has worked out so much better than I ever thought it would and that has helped get me back into the swing of things. Thank you too anyone who has bothered to read this far. To see what is happening on everyone elses blog head to The Stamping Ground and check out Julia's blog.
See you soon!