Less is more challenge #2

Well here we are week two of the Less is More challenge blog. Congratulations to Chrissie and Mandi for the success of their new venture.
Week 2 :- the theme is a one layer card using a tree or flower. Sounds simple enough I thought to myself.....so why did I feel so nervous as my stamp hovered over the card??
I decided to use the sponging technique Chrissie demonstrated. I have never tried this before. I found it really hard to get a nice even result...although in the end I decided that I quite liked the mottled effect I ended up with....don't know if that is right really...but hey there you go! The sentiment was generated on computer, and the stamp is an old Rubbadubbado stamp that has been lying in my drawer for forever..so it is about time it was used for something. Hope you like!