Hi Everyone

Not a good start to the day really today....I have just spent over 2 hours on the phone with the Virgin Team trying to regain internet access that has been lost since yesterday morning. After crawling around behind desks un-plugging and re-plugging cables we are finally back on. So I headed straight here to do my post and.....the camera battery is flat so I can't take a "this morning" picture...ARRRggghh!

I do have a couple of this weeks makes that I can share with you though.
Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary, so here is the card I made for Him Indoors!

Last weeks visitors may remember that I was having a lot of trouble with my Forever Friends black and gold disc. Well I did eventually get a response from Docrafts....but only an email asking me to send them a screen shot or the file I was trying to print, and I have not received any further assistance from them :-(   at all. I have taken matters into my own hands and found a way to use my DSA2 program to access and store the images from the CD so I can use them. To anyone else in this position I would recommend this as I can now use the DSA2 program to manipulate the images and get much more out of the artwork than I ever would have using the DoCrafts Software.
I then went on to make this card for my neice's birthday at the end of January. I am going to have to be careful....I am getting far too organised here!

Sorry you can't have a snoop around the desk this week, but I will make sure I am all charged up for next weeks visit. I hope to be able to visit more desks this week, last week was a bit hectic..(internet permitting). If you have no idea what all this desk snooping is about head on over to Stamping Ground and on Julia's blog you can find out all about it and get links to be nosey on everyone else's blog too.
Have a good day !