WOYWW and Less Is More

Good Morning Campers!

Very quick post today as I have a huge pile of nasty looking A1 technical drawings to wade through today (proper work!)
This is my desk

I am trying (again) to organize my unmounted stamps into something where I can actually see what I have, and ideally be able to find the one I want to use....a lot to ask it seems!

Here is my entry for the Less Is More Challenge this week.....it is a slight cheat (sorry Chrissie/Mandi), in that I did the designing of this for my Son to assemble it as it was for his sisters birthday this week and he wanted to do it himself...hope that still counts?
Pop across to their challenge blog and join in the fun...also pop to Julia's blog to see lots of other workdesks and generally have a nose around....it's fun!


  1. Diane, this is tremendous, I don't know about cheating, I think you should get a special commendation for getting your son to assemble this card. It's terrific!
    Well done him too, I hope his sister appreciates his sentiment in wanting to do it for her!
    Maybe we'll see some work from your sidekick again some time!
    See you next time.
    "Less is More"

  2. It's a lovely card and I hope you got your technical drawings all sorted too


  3. Diane that card is lovely, your son should be really proud of himself, well done to him for making it :)
    I hope you manage to work your way through your pile of paperwork!
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #68

  4. Nice card - well done SOn! Clear stamps are my craft complaint - I really really miss wood mounts and will never ever again complain about storing them. When you sussed the clear stamp thing - let me know!!

  5. Gorgeous card today.

    Don't forget to pop over to our shop and put your name down in the next gift draw.
    A x

  6. Lovely "neat" card, love the edging on your background too

  7. Good luck with the storing of clear stamps - I am really struggling at the moment.

    I love the card your son did he did fab.

    Laura 66 x x

  8. Beautiful card, well done to you both. I'm sure she'll love it . Jo x

  9. A beautiful card love the layout and placing of the sentiment is perfect! well done to your son too :)
    Kerry x

  10. A very organised desk. Let me know if you find the secret to storing stamps so you can find them !

    Beautiful card.


  11. Wow this is a fantastic joint effort. It`s a super card, tell your son he has every reason to be proud of himself.
    Lynne xxx

  12. I too struggle with storing clear stamps but I don't miss the bulk of the wood mounted ones - I am sure there must be a good solution to this but I haven't found it yet! I spy an ATG - love these. A great joint effort for the card it looks fab

  13. Love all your fantastic storage! Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  14. What a great card. I'd love to be able to reach through the computer and just rummage about on your workdesk and look at everything that's there. It looks so interesting.

  15. I love the way the little squares are backed by the dark color and the turquoise.

  16. What a special young man!! I love that he wanted to help...and the end result is beautiful!

  17. Very nice organized desk. Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing, Vickie #49

  18. Lovely card. I like your image and the colour combination. x

  19. The card is gorgeous, and your storage is fab too! Shaz #125

  20. Lovely card. Your desk looks so organised,
    Happy belatedWOYWW


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