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Well...that's Christmas done and dusted I guess.....can't say I am sorry to see the back of it this time though. We have all been ill all over Christmas so I can't wait to get the deccies down and get back to normal. Such a shame when we spend so much time planning and organising it. To all of you who have suffered similarly...my commiserations.

To those visiting as a result of the Feline Playful- give a comment receive a comment, become a follower, receive a follower....welcome to my blog, I hope you like what you see. I am behind in my visiting because of illness, so I am adapting the rules slightly and am working my way through the list in my own way. I do hope no one minds this, I will visit everyone on the list...I promise. I have already found some new blog friends and some very interesting blogs.

I have just finished my card to my Cousin who is 60 years old on the 14th January. I am having trouble getting my head around this as it has really made me realise that I am getting old! Ron was always like a brother to me as we were very close to his parents, they were surrogate Grandparents to me really. It just doesn't feel right that his is about to hit the big 60! I don't think he is a blogger, so I am safe to post a picture now. Hope he likes it! Couldn't resist getting a little dig in on the inside.....wording reads "Congratualtions...you are Vintage!"


  1. Lovely cards! It was a pleasure to "walk" through your blog!

    Happy New Year and a toast to a creative 2011!

    Liefs, Renata

  2. Love your card and blog...I'm from 1951 too (a good year..lol)....found you via Eline Playful...became your follower!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Gorgeous card! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I happen to be one of those folks over from Feline Playful... I think this is a wonderful card! I love the big metallic numbers; hope it's a hit with your cousin!

  5. A wonderful card, it looks very classy
    Kevin xx

  6. This card is absolutely fantastic. Just perfect for a vintage birthday!

    Your Feline Playful friend, Shelley

  7. what a lovely card Diane! just visiting you from Feline playful, and have become a follower :) Gemma x

  8. Happy new year to you what a beautiful card.

    i have become a follower through feline playful

    laura xx

  9. I'm visiting from Feline Playful, a day late. Better late then never though. I love the card and the "You are vintage" is great!

  10. Happy New Year Diane.
    There's an award for you on my blog!

  11. aww what a beautiful card!
    I got you through Feline Playful and became your follower.

  12. Hi,
    I am from Feline Playful blog.
    I am a new Followers of your blog.
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs Karla

  13. oh I do like this Maggie, what a cool idea for a card.
    Anne x

  14. Hello, I found you trough Feline Playful and I am now following you ;) I missed the chance to join in the fun with the linky thinggy on time, but if you'd like to visit my blog too, I would be delighted! ;)

    This is a lovely card, I love the silver numbers! It looks very stylish and elegant, just superb!

    Happy and crafty New Year!
    Joanna x


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