Hello Everyone.......I have a totally un-Christmassy post for you today. I feel like I have done Christmas to death over the last few months, and several male members of the family are inconsiderate enough to have their birthdays around now...so it was back to the ordinary to put my thinking cap on. I really don't enjoy doing male cards, especially as non of ours seem to be particularly interested in anything in particular, so there is never an obvious theme to go with. Anyway here is what I came up with for them:-
There was also a football based card for my Brother In law (how original!), but in my hurry to get it in the post I forgot to photograph that one.
Now I need to get my head into anniversary mode. It is our 20th anniversary in January so I need to get creative for that.
Merry Christmas everyone. Pop over and check out the other desks on The Stamping Ground.