WOYWW- here again!

Firstly I have to apologise for missing a couple.....if you are reading this Julia I will stand in the corner for 5 mins...just as soon as I get 5 mins to spare!!!

Ok,  so to business.... here is my desk...
 I am sorry it is such a mess, I am afraid that a general lack of time combined with several requests and projects all being due around the same time has resulted in me having several projects on the go at the same time and that of course leads to lack of workspace and a huge mess. I hate working in a complete mess, so I really need to find the time to tidy my desk. So what can you see? Well I am pleased with my latest purchase of chalk inks, you can see them on the desk there. An Ebay buy and a bargain! My little white container there belongs in the slide out drawer I have placed underneath my desk for more storage space. It used to be in my fridge, but when I had to replace my fridge freezer the other week, the drawers didn't quite make it back in the new one! Inside the box are lots of petal shapes cut from a Penny Duncan roses cutting file, awaiting construction.
The flowery thing with holes is something I have made after seeing an article on Split Coast Stampers for a faux brad maker. The article used a sheet of cardboard which you had to fold and punch holes in. The problem I had with that is that I don't have circle punches in the sizes I would want brads to be, and even if I did I don't think I would be accurate enough with my punching to get them all to line up properly. So I set about designing my own. I cut several layers on my Gazelle and glued them together to give a good depth. I sacrificed a part of an old stamping may to make the cushioned area inside...voila! a faux brad maker. Now all I need to do is cut out lots of card circles and I can make brads out of anything I want. I don't have a completed one to show you, but they are really quite realistic.
Enough rabbiting on from me.....check out the other desks taking part this week by visiting Julias Blog...The Stamping Ground.

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