WOYWW- here again!

Hi everyone, welcome to my world once again. Well let me see what have I got to tell you all about...not much really, it's been a bit of a quiet week for me really. I do have a photo of my desk for you, but it is a bit tidy again I am afraid. I have just got to the end of making another moses basket to order, and before I have room to make the presentation box for it I had to clear up the nuclear fallout from the basket itself. Sorry about that!

This time I have been asked to do a lemon one, I must say that as this is the second one I have now done in as many weeks, this one was much quicker to do. Hopefully the box will be easier this time too.

Those eagle eyed amongst you will have seen what I have spent the rest of my time on the last day or so....I have now completed my collection of Promarkers. When I say completed, I mean I now have as many as I deemed to be essential colours, so I am done really. I ordered the whole lot at once having saved up what I have been given for making cards since Xmas. I found a really good online deal for a selection of your choice of 25 pens for £34. Bargain I thought so I had to have 2 sets didn't I? Of course that meant re organising my storage system, but I didn't mind really.

The rest of my time has been tied up with family stuff really. My Son is on work experience with the school. He came home last night absolutely exhausted, poor thing, and now can see why adults say that school days are the best of your lives. Only seems a short time ago that he was starting secondary school...time flies!
My Daughter is worn out too. She has her last A level exam today, which will be a relief and she has also been holding down two part time jobs the last few weeks, but it's her last weekend at one of them so things will relax a bit there too.

It was lovely to have contact with Jan and Chrissie during the week too. It is amazing when you think how big the web is that I discovered Spyder on a forum and found she was quite near me, and then discover that Chrisie and Jan are very close too. Quite a coincidence really.

Don't forget to visit Jan's blog at Stamping Ground to check out the rest of the WOYWW visitors.

Have a good day everyone.