Hello everyone!!
Well it's Wednesday again already...where does the time go? I must be getting old as I remember my Mum years ago saying "the time just seems to go faster and faster" and I remember thinking that either she was loosing her marbles or she just didn't know what she was on about....and here I am saying the same thing!!! Help!!!

I have taken a picture of my desk this morning...although not much has happened here in the last week really. I have just about recovered from my CRI (chopping board related incident!). Actually for me the bruising has gone quite quickly, normally I bruise easily and take ages to heal...I kept smothering it in Arnica and it certainly seemed to do the trick. So what is happening?
If you look carefully you might just be able to see a couple of stamped images that I started to work on yesterday. These will be used for my Cousin's wife's birthdays cards. One from me and one from Mum. On the right you can see what I have been keeping myself busy with while I couldn't use my fingers properly. I decided to sort out all my clear stamps. I am fed up with scrabbling in the drawers to find one that I kind of think I remember that I might have...so now they are all on acetate and filed according to the subject....how organized is that  huh???  impressed....thought you might be...I kind of shocked myself a bit there too!
As there hasn't been much action around here lately I thought I would give you a peek at the rest of my room..... No I am not shut in a tiny cupboard, although I have to admit from the pictures I have posted so far I would forgive you for thinking that. This is the area to the left of the desk:-

And this is my storage area and worktop behind my desk:-
The sloping ceilings in this room cause me some problems but I think I am using just about every inch I can!Behind me as I took this picture is a large L shaped desk with tons of cdroms and a couple of computers...boring so I didn't shoot those. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my little space....and that it has satisfied the curiosity of some of the nosier ones of you out there...mentioning no names of course (Spyder!) LOL.
Don't forget to visit everyone's else's desk by going to Stamping Ground and picking up the links from there.

Have a great day everyone....bye for now!!