WOYWW- here again!

Hi everyone, welcome to my world once again. Well let me see what have I got to tell you all about...not much really, it's been a bit of a quiet week for me really. I do have a photo of my desk for you, but it is a bit tidy again I am afraid. I have just got to the end of making another moses basket to order, and before I have room to make the presentation box for it I had to clear up the nuclear fallout from the basket itself. Sorry about that!

This time I have been asked to do a lemon one, I must say that as this is the second one I have now done in as many weeks, this one was much quicker to do. Hopefully the box will be easier this time too.

Those eagle eyed amongst you will have seen what I have spent the rest of my time on the last day or so....I have now completed my collection of Promarkers. When I say completed, I mean I now have as many as I deemed to be essential colours, so I am done really. I ordered the whole lot at once having saved up what I have been given for making cards since Xmas. I found a really good online deal for a selection of your choice of 25 pens for £34. Bargain I thought so I had to have 2 sets didn't I? Of course that meant re organising my storage system, but I didn't mind really.

The rest of my time has been tied up with family stuff really. My Son is on work experience with the school. He came home last night absolutely exhausted, poor thing, and now can see why adults say that school days are the best of your lives. Only seems a short time ago that he was starting secondary school...time flies!
My Daughter is worn out too. She has her last A level exam today, which will be a relief and she has also been holding down two part time jobs the last few weeks, but it's her last weekend at one of them so things will relax a bit there too.

It was lovely to have contact with Jan and Chrissie during the week too. It is amazing when you think how big the web is that I discovered Spyder on a forum and found she was quite near me, and then discover that Chrisie and Jan are very close too. Quite a coincidence really.

Don't forget to visit Jan's blog at Stamping Ground to check out the rest of the WOYWW visitors.

Have a good day everyone.

Two posts in one day!!!!

I am on fire today, I have got so much done I have just about caught up!
This is my latest one. I was asked for a special 21st card for a young Mum who has had a bit of a tough time of late. Well girls we all love our shoes don't we? So that is what I went with. This card is made on my Gazelle using a labels nestie type file from Penny Duncan. She has some fantastic files to share here, she rocks...Thank you Penny! So I used her label file to create the book shapes and built up several pages, but the book is then mounted on an easel style card design. I got the idea from a post on Valita's Designs Blog where she uses the spellbinders dies to create a smaller card.

The middle section of the card looks like this:-

And if you turn the whole thing and open like a regular card there is a section to write a message and I managed to find a really fitting poem to go inside.
Well I hope you like my card and my thanks to Penny and Valita.

Catching Up!!

This week has been a bit of a rush. I am still trying to catch up after the CBI last week put me out of action. I am all healed up now and am desperately trying to catch up on my card orders. Just though I would pop pics up for anyone who is interested in looking....
These two are the cards for my Cousins wife's birthday coming up, you might have seen the images part way done in my WOYWW post this week, so I thought I would show you the finished articles.
This one is for the same lady that ordered the moses basket the other day. She was really pleased with it and now wanted a card to send to the "other Grandma" to be. Nice thought!


Hello everyone!!
Well it's Wednesday again already...where does the time go? I must be getting old as I remember my Mum years ago saying "the time just seems to go faster and faster" and I remember thinking that either she was loosing her marbles or she just didn't know what she was on about....and here I am saying the same thing!!! Help!!!

I have taken a picture of my desk this morning...although not much has happened here in the last week really. I have just about recovered from my CRI (chopping board related incident!). Actually for me the bruising has gone quite quickly, normally I bruise easily and take ages to heal...I kept smothering it in Arnica and it certainly seemed to do the trick. So what is happening?
If you look carefully you might just be able to see a couple of stamped images that I started to work on yesterday. These will be used for my Cousin's wife's birthdays cards. One from me and one from Mum. On the right you can see what I have been keeping myself busy with while I couldn't use my fingers properly. I decided to sort out all my clear stamps. I am fed up with scrabbling in the drawers to find one that I kind of think I remember that I might have...so now they are all on acetate and filed according to the subject....how organized is that  huh???  impressed....thought you might be...I kind of shocked myself a bit there too!
As there hasn't been much action around here lately I thought I would give you a peek at the rest of my room..... No I am not shut in a tiny cupboard, although I have to admit from the pictures I have posted so far I would forgive you for thinking that. This is the area to the left of the desk:-

And this is my storage area and worktop behind my desk:-
The sloping ceilings in this room cause me some problems but I think I am using just about every inch I can!Behind me as I took this picture is a large L shaped desk with tons of cdroms and a couple of computers...boring so I didn't shoot those. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my little space....and that it has satisfied the curiosity of some of the nosier ones of you out there...mentioning no names of course (Spyder!) LOL.
Don't forget to visit everyone's else's desk by going to Stamping Ground and picking up the links from there.

Have a great day everyone....bye for now!!


Oh dear....I joined in for the first time last week, and loved the responses form everyone, thanks to all who took the time to comment. I also loved browsing through other participants.  I was really looking forward to joining in again this week, but last night disaster struck! I am still not entirely sure how it happened, but last night I made a really nice chilli con carne for tea.....so what I hear you cry! Well I was clearing up afterwards and holding a conversation with my Son at the same time. I went to stand my great big heavy chopping board up against the backdrop, as I have done many many times, and somehow if slipped or toppled, don't know which, but all I know is that I had turned to talk to Dan and then felt an incredible pain in my fingers. The darn board had landed on my finger tips trapping them between the board and the granite worktop. Sounds pathetic I know, but I have never known pain like it....worse than childbirth! It was all my brain could do to comprehend the pain. I couldn't talk to Dan to say what I had done at all, no words would come out. I put my hand in cold water straight away and watched my fingers go red, then black. I didn't know whether I was going to faint or be sick. Anyway the upshot is that I am typing with one hand now, can't craft at all as I can't use the fingers of my left hand.....hence my work desk is tidy and completely empty....nothing to see here folks...move on please!!!!
Please accept my apologies an my promise that I will be back next week!

Baby's Birth Request

My Mum is in her 70's now and goes along to "her Club" every week to meet up with her friends. One of them had seen some of the cards I make and she asked Mum if I would do something for her to give her niece who is about to give birth. She doesn't know yet if it is a Boy or Girl, so it had to be a neutral colour......well I had a bit of a think and then decided that this would be the perfect time to try out my new Arty Farty template. The moses crib. Now for a first attempt I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. What do you all think?


Hello everyone...I am being very brave today...I have decided to join in the WOYWW "club". So this is my first post in this area, and I hope you will be gentle with me?
Well here is my work desk this morning... I have tidied up a bit in your honour, but won't promise to do that every week!! As you can see I haven't got far with my promarker collection yet. I made my storage area along the back there...now I just have to fill it. Problem is I have loads of duplicate colours due to gift, so I have only put out one of each. My tool holder on the left hand side was made from a tutorial I found on a blog. I was really pleased with that.
The card I am finishing off today is for my little cousin who is gorgeous and two years old this week. Here's a closer look:-

I have been following the WOYWW blogs for a while now...hope you don't mind me joining in!

P.S. thank you for your welcome messages WOYWW ladies....I promise I won't tidy up before I photograph next week!!