My clever daughter passed her driving test on Friday. Haven't been able to get on line since as our wireless router decided to blow up!!! Blasted technology! Anyway after a lot of cursing and head scratching we are now back online with a new network set up, so hopefully we will be ok now. Anyway back to the original reason for my is the card I made her:-

Also was asked by my Mother in Law to make a card for her Sister Daisy and her Husband. They are celebrating their Golden Wedding soon. They are unable to go along to the party as they can't travel that far any more, so she wanted to send a card that was special to them. This is what I made, a variation on an easel card, using Daisies as a theme:-


  1. Your cards are great xx Jan

  2. OMG Diane.......Your cards are OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!! Such gorgeous detail!!!!! I came to THANK YOU for your very sweet comment on my blog!!!! I absolutely LOVE the nesties!!! I giggled at the card for your daughter!! Congrats to her!! My youngest turns 16 next month and will be getting his permit!!!!!!

  3. Great cards. I love the car one - fab.


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