Hello Everyone.......I have a totally un-Christmassy post for you today. I feel like I have done Christmas to death over the last few months, and several male members of the family are inconsiderate enough to have their birthdays around now...so it was back to the ordinary to put my thinking cap on. I really don't enjoy doing male cards, especially as non of ours seem to be particularly interested in anything in particular, so there is never an obvious theme to go with. Anyway here is what I came up with for them:-
There was also a football based card for my Brother In law (how original!), but in my hurry to get it in the post I forgot to photograph that one.
Now I need to get my head into anniversary mode. It is our 20th anniversary in January so I need to get creative for that.
Merry Christmas everyone. Pop over and check out the other desks on The Stamping Ground.

I won!

Just a very quick post to say thanks to Spyder, she suggested that I enter this card in the Quirky Crafts Challenge...and I just found out I won! Thanks for your encouragement Spyder. Merry Christmas Everyone!

P.S....post amended as I mistakenly thought it was Chrissie that suggested entering the card and she has bought it to my attention that it was in fact Spyder... apologies Spyder :-/

woyww 79

Hi Everyone,

Wednesday again and boy is it a chilly one today. Walking the dog this morning was not a pleasant experience!

No current picture of the desk today, as there is nothing really happening, just a load of mess. I need to tidy so I can start on some family birthday cards...male ones...the ones I hate doing!

Thought today I would show you the finished 40th Anniversary cards for my cousin and his wife. They are on holiday now until after their anniversary, so it is safe to show you.

This is the one my Mum ordered to send them. She wanted something red and traditional.

 This one is mine to send. They both love there holidays and travelling, and like oriental so I thought I would go with that. This is the front view.....

 And this is the inside....I hope they like it. I am also entering this card into the Quirky Crafts Challenge after being encouraged to do so by Spyder.

Thanks to Chrissie for the Knot Tutorial. Head on over to The Stamping Ground to check out everyone else's desks today

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I have just had a lovely surprise....an email popped into my box from Spyder and she has given me a blog award! I am so chuffed as if is only the second one I have been given. I have a lot to thank Spyder for as it was she who was kind enough to point me in the right direction when I first decided to enter blogland. I found her blog after seeing her on the Card Making World forum. I was impressed by the layout of her blog etc and she was kind enough to give me advise on setting up mine. My blog has been through a couple of layouts since then, but it all started there.....so many thanks Spyder.
The rules of this award are:-
To thanks the person awarding to you:- thanks again Spyder.
To share 8 things about yourself on your blog and then to pass on to 8 fellow bloggers:-
Question is what can I tell you that won't send you to sleep??
1. I love to cook, when my kids were small they were both picky eaters and wouldn't eat most of what I made them, so I gave up most cooking in favour of things they would eat, predominantly out of a packet and into the oven type food. But now they love my cooking and it makes me very happy to produce a meal that they all enjoy.
2. I hate housework.....ALL HOUSEWORK!!
3. I love to read...anything I can get my hands on really.
4. I am so proud of my Daughter, passing her test first time (I took 3 goes at it)
5. My Art teacher at school took me to one side and strongly suggested that I shouldn't take Art GCSE as I didn't have a creative bone in my body....I was crushed and mortified! Yah Boo Sucks to you Mr Chips if you are still out there (yes that really was his name!)
6. I refused to go to college or University.....because the teachers were too pushy and all just assumed I would go. Had a rebellious streak back then.
7. I went into banking and ended up managing a local branch before leaving to have the children.
8. My ambition is to pass with flying colours the PaperCraft Certificate course I am about to start....maybe that will lead to a new career...you never know.

Ok that is me then,now who do I pass the award to?

Chrissie- Simply one of a kind
Julia- The Stamping Ground
Penny- Penny Duncan Creations
Jan- Loves to Craft
Ikki- Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard
and to three people I don't really know, but those blogs I admire and follow with interest:-
Kerry- A load of old pickle
Christina- Christina's creative moments
Mandy- Crafty fox cards

Ok that is me done for today....have a good weekend everyone!

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Good Morning Campers!

If you have no idea what all this WOYWW stuff is all about you need to visit here where you will find out all about the phenomena otherwise known as Julia Dunnit and her The Stamping Ground blog.

Now on to my desk. This shot taken only a few minutes ago....
So what can you see then??
The main thing is a card in progress. This has been ordered by my Mum to send to my Cousin and his wife for their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. This makes me feel so old. We were very close when growing up and being an only child, he felt more like a brother to me. I remember their wedding day very clearly, not least because I managed to trap my little finger in the car door when we arrived at the registry office! It doesn't seem long ago at all....now they are very proud Grandparents, and a lovely couple...still after all this time.Congrats guys!
What else can you see....Hmmmm well apart from all my normal tat, the only different thing is my version of a bow maker that I saw advertised online. It is the light blue thing near the ATG. Something again that saw and decided I could make my own using my cutter, works a treat and is much easier to use than the one permanently mounted on the front of my desk!

 In an effort to show you all that I do actually finish the projects I start (although they never seem to be on my desk on a Wednesday) I took this shot of the Birthday card I have made mum. I finished it a week or so ago, trying to be organised for a change, an although I know that there is no way Mum would ever use a computer, I didn't want to post it before as there are some Silver Surfer buddies out there who might have shown her it. I was quite pleased with this one as I made the flowers myself too. Mum loved it anyway so that's all that matters.

Hope you all have fun checking out the other members desks and projects. See you all again soon!

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Hey everone!

Wednesday again already? I am sure someone is stealing days out of my life!

Thanks to everyone who visited last week as part of Julias WOYWW. Check out everyone else's desks here

Last week I showed you all a picture of my desk and on it was the faux brad maker I made myself. If you are interested check out the post from last week for details of where I got the idea from.

Here is the desk this week, and I am late posting today because I wanted to make a couple of brads to show you the effect, and I have to be very strict with myself and do my real work first, otherwise I just might not get to it at all!

Sorry I can't get a better shot of the little so and so's, but I hope it is enough for you to see them. I am just experimenting with the circle sizes that I cut to see if I can get them a little more risen IYKWIM. Too large and they crease around the outside, too small and they aren't deep enough for my liking....I am getting closer to the perfect one I think.

Enjoy the rest of the desks at The Stamping Ground...have a good week!

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WOYWW- here again!

Firstly I have to apologise for missing a couple.....if you are reading this Julia I will stand in the corner for 5 mins...just as soon as I get 5 mins to spare!!!

Ok,  so to business.... here is my desk...
 I am sorry it is such a mess, I am afraid that a general lack of time combined with several requests and projects all being due around the same time has resulted in me having several projects on the go at the same time and that of course leads to lack of workspace and a huge mess. I hate working in a complete mess, so I really need to find the time to tidy my desk. So what can you see? Well I am pleased with my latest purchase of chalk inks, you can see them on the desk there. An Ebay buy and a bargain! My little white container there belongs in the slide out drawer I have placed underneath my desk for more storage space. It used to be in my fridge, but when I had to replace my fridge freezer the other week, the drawers didn't quite make it back in the new one! Inside the box are lots of petal shapes cut from a Penny Duncan roses cutting file, awaiting construction.
The flowery thing with holes is something I have made after seeing an article on Split Coast Stampers for a faux brad maker. The article used a sheet of cardboard which you had to fold and punch holes in. The problem I had with that is that I don't have circle punches in the sizes I would want brads to be, and even if I did I don't think I would be accurate enough with my punching to get them all to line up properly. So I set about designing my own. I cut several layers on my Gazelle and glued them together to give a good depth. I sacrificed a part of an old stamping may to make the cushioned area inside...voila! a faux brad maker. Now all I need to do is cut out lots of card circles and I can make brads out of anything I want. I don't have a completed one to show you, but they are really quite realistic.
Enough rabbiting on from me.....check out the other desks taking part this week by visiting Julias Blog...The Stamping Ground.

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Hi Guys!!

WOYWW again already...busy week this week. Continuing from last weeks post...those of you who had a guess what my latest purchase was....well only one person came close. The items in the photo were two additional heads for my new Sew Easy kit that I treated myself to from QVC the other day when it was TSV. Haven't had much chance to play yet, but I had a quick go and it seems good.

Last week I also mentioned how fed up I was becoming with peeloffs as sentiments. Well quite a few of you were interested to see what I came up with instead. I have created myself a template file for my cutter. It is still a work in progress in that I am adding sentiments to the list all the time as I need them, and of course I can change the font whenever I like to whatever I like too! The label shapes are a bit special. They were free files I found on the internet. A few months ago I stumbled almost by chance upon the blog of a very talented and inspirational lady, Penny Duncan. She has made some beautiful items and best of all when she creates something she very generously shares the files she creates for free. If you don't know Penny at all, please take a minute to check out her blog here. She is such a lovely lady. She has very kindly said that she doesn't mind me posting the screenshot of the file I have made to show those who were interested.
I whenever I need a sentiment I load my cutter with whatever paper/card I like, choose my sentiment and shape and place them together on the sheet and change the colour of the label and text. I then use my Gazelle to write the sentiment and then cut the label around the sentiment. I can use up all my scraps of paper and card to do this by positioning carefully on the page. It is a simple idea, but has been really useful already. If you would like free files for all these shaplies and more, go to Penny's blog, don't forget to say hello to her too!
On my desk this week....I have made a few more cards but am now trying to get my Christmas cards done. So I have tree shapes cut ready to go in the little box on the right and I am outlining them with a quickie glue pen to add turquoise glitter before mounting them onto the cards which have Merry Christmas printed all around the border also in Turquoise. Quite a simple design from me this year..

Finally it just remains for me to wish you all a happy desk browsing day and to say if you have no idea what I am talking about, go over to the Stamping Ground to check out Julia's blog and find out..

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Hi WOYWWers,

I am at last beginning to feel that I am getting back into things. I have a few birthdays coming up in the family so that has spurred me into action. Over the past few weeks I have sat at my desk many times and tried to start a project, but almost always have given up after hitting the much feared "crafter's block" so I began this project without much expectation that I would actually end up with a finished result that I was reasonably pleased with. This time, however, things actually went roughly to plan and this is what I have ended up with....

So I was reasonably happy with this one and I think it makes the grade for my Aunt's birthday at the end of this month. Below is a shot of my desk mid construction so to speak. Who can spot my latest purchase? or at least the extra pieces for it? Haven't tested it out properly yet, but I have several more cards to make over the next few days so I will give it an outing then.

Creative juices are flowing a bit today. I have decided I am totally fed up with peeloffs when it comes to sentiments on cards. I have a few sentiment stamps, but am bored with stamping and then just cutting them out on a rectangle. I have a cuttlebug, but can't afford lots of nesties dies at the moment, so I am off to concoct something on my cutting machine. I am thinking of making a template sheet containing lots of sentiments in different fonts and lots of label shape cut outs so I can mix and match as suits. If anyone is interested I will let you know how it goes.

I am sure that anyone reading this will already know about Julia's fantastic Wednesday Wonderland that is WOYWW, and will know haow to find her blog here, but just in case you have found me by accident...go check out The Stamping Ground and join in the fun.


Ok everyone....happy Wednesday!

Just a very quick post today as I have lots on and need to be out the door soon....we have a mega important meeting at work today that could make all the difference to the Company, it is Daughters first day at Uni and due to parking permit problems etc etc I need to take her and pick her up again later, and I have my Son home today ill.
this was my desk this morning, no time to tidy up after I finished yesterday. The project is a Christening card I have been asked for for a baby called Riley. Here is the finished thing....

Come along to Julia's blog....The Stamping Ground to have a nose at everyone else's desks and current projects...it's fun.


Good Morning Campers....
Wednesday again already, I really don't know where the week goes!
Quite a quiet week craft wise this week. I didn't have any family birthdays, anniversaries or anything to make for, and whilst I have been ill I haven't been asked for cards by anyone, so no commissions either. So I took the opportunity to get something done that has been needed for a long time. Totally boring to everyone else I think, but I desperately needed a new shopping list thingy for my fridge door. The old one was a gift from a friend many years ago and the bit that held the pad in place had broken and the paper often fell off, also the pen holder had broken and the pen was only held on by a piece of string. Here's my new one!

I have incorporated a handy little pocket for vouchers etc and a post it note pad as I can never find them when I want one!
That's it really from me this week, check out Stamping Ground to see what everyone else has been up to this week......go on...come and have a nosey around!!
Take care everyone!


Do you know what....I am seriously loosing the plot. I completely forgot it was Wednesday today. My Son has gone back to school today, so I am officially in Monday mode!!!! Hence no picture to show you today, but my desk is just covered with the rubbish (scraps!) left over from the baby card in my last post. So not much to report today, apart from the fact that I am back at the doctors again today to see if there has been any improvement. I wish I could say that there has been, but I don't feel much better despite the double load of antibiotics...anyway, we will see what he says later. Have a great WOYWW day everyone. If you don't have a clue what I am chuntering on  about check out Julia's blog at Stamping Ground...all will become clear.

Challenge Card

I have decided to enter the challenge this week over at Crafty Ann's Challenge Blog. This week there is a sketch to work from. This is only the second time I have been brave enough to enter a challenge. My first ever was on this blog to and I was honoured to receive a top 3 place, I was chuffed to bits. Well I haven't felt up to crafting much lately, but I really want to get back to it, so I thought I would have a go this week. I haven't worked from a sketch before, and found it a quite interesting experience.

This is what I have come up with. I have been asked to make a card for a soon to be new arrival, so I thought I could perhaps combine the two. The papers are from some 6"x6" Papercraft4u pads that I have had for ages. The stamp is an Anita's stamp, again had it for ages and ages. It is stamped twice and decoupaged. I carefully cut slits where the ribbon design was so I could actually thread some proper ribbon through. The edges of the frame shape were coloured with a chalk ink pad for shadow effect.
Hope to like it....

WOYWW- here again!

I am back....not yet fully recovered, but at least able to face blogging and perhaps a little crafting again. For anyone remotely interested (I wouldn't be!) the pleurisy turned to pneumonia, so I am still rattling with antibiotics etc. On the plus side most of the pain has now gone.

Enough of that,
This is a gift that I made just before I took a turn for the worse. Jenny's flute teacher has taken herself and her other half off to some sunny climes to get married. So I made this for her to either take with her or to keep as a keepsake.

I have made one thing in the last week, for a sad reason. My nephew and his wife had some terrible news. Their much awaited baby had died, they found out at the 20 week scan. What can you say at times like these? I just wanted them to know we were thinking of them. I found a fantastic poem to go inside that said it all, so I kept the card simple.
I just want to say a big thank you to Chrissie, who you will all know from WOYWW. She came to see me last week and delivered to me the birthday bundle candy I was lucky enough to win from her blog. It was lovely to meet her face to face, we had only spoken once before on the phone. What a lovely lady she is!

Ok everyone head over to Julia's blog to check out the other WOYWW entries this week. Have fun....

Edited:- I have been asked to share the poem I used. I guess it is always hard to find the "right words". I found a site by searching online. There are some beautiful poems here that had me in tears just reading them through. The site is here and I used An Angel Never Dies....just tweeked it slightly to suit our situation. I site I hope you never need to use...but is worth bookmarking just in case.

Blog Award!!

Oh My..what a lovely thing to do. Thank you Chrissie for giving me this award.

I would just like to thank.....oh no hang on a minute...not that kind of award! Please pop over to Chrissie's blog and check out the wonderful cards she makes. She has a very simple and understated style which always results in a very stylish and sophisticated finished card. I always look forward to seeing her next post. 
The terms of the award are that  I should tell three things I like about myself and pass the award on to seven others. Both of these conditions are quite hard for me. I tend to be very critical of myself so...here goes..
1) I like (love) the fact that I have been able to develop a very close relationship with both my children, now teenagers. We don't argue and I am so proud of them both and they know I am there for them both..no matter what.
2) I like that I am able to bring a smile to a loved ones face with a hand made card or gift.
3) I like that I am finally starting to feel better!!

Well that was a struggle:-
Now for the seven blogs I want to give this award to-
1. Spyder - Thanks Lynn for the help you gave me when I first began blogging.
2. Penny- Always follow Penny's blog for her wonderful ideas and free files.
3. Jennybean - For choosing me as one of her design team, and her fantastic files.
4. Ikki- Very informative blog, especially for cuttlebug ideas.
5. Julia - For her WOYWW blog and for welcoming me into the fold.
6. Summer - For her fantasic free digikits.
7.Valita - For brilliant ideas on her blog

Well there you go I did it...yeh me!

What A Relief!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful Jenny has just got her results. She got the grades she needed to get into Southampton Uni...and has had her place confirmed!!!
Wheew....normal life can resume....


Just to let anyone who may have missed me at WOYWW this week know, I haven't deserted you all, just not well enough to join in. Following my recent tummy bug that knocked me for six, I now have pleurisy. I have no idea how or why, but there you are, so once again I am on strict rest.
Hope to be back with you all again soon.

Big Big Thank You!

To all of Julia's WOYWWers. I have had loads of comments and emails wishing me well, and I would like to thank all of you for taking the time and trouble to send wishes and encouragement to what is, after all, a complete stranger.....what a wonderful bunch you all are. Have felt stronger over the last day or so, so am hopeful that I will soon be back to normal. I wish there were a way to thank you all properly, please know that each and every comment has been treasured.


Hi everyone, still not up to crafting yet I am afraid....well not strictly true, I had to make a card yesterday for my best friends birthday. I sat at my desk for ages and nothing happened. Not and idea, no inspiration at all. I eventually put a card together, which was horrible (she loved it, but I didn't). It wasn't my normal standard and did nothing for me at all, and I forgot to take a picture too. Or maybe it was a subconscious thing....I don't know.
Sorry nothing to show you, will try to do better.
Please pop along to the stamping ground to see some much more interesting Wednesday Desks.

I'm chuffed!!!

I entered my first ever challenge with an easel card a few weeks ago, never done it before...and guess what?? I got a top 3 mention. Thank you all at Crafty Ann's Challenge Blog.

I am still not feeling to good and am not yet up to crafting again, so won't be entering the current challenge....but I will be back!


Hi Everyone,

First thing I have to say is a big apology to the High Priestess of WOYWW, Julia at stamping Ground. Sorry I missed last week Julia, I have been poorly so I have a sick note Miss! I won't go into too many details, don't want to make anyone else feel yuk, suffice to say I have been quite ill the past week with a virus that hit from nowhere last Tuesday night. I didn't get out of bed again (apart from being taken to the loo!) until Friday night. Still can't eat so feeling very week and dizzy etc. Lost over a stone in 4 days (bonus!). So trying now to get back on my feet, but haven't got back to any crafting yet. I have some photos to share, which would have been last weeks effort as they were taken just before I fell ill. I hope that is ok for this weeks entry.

Luckily for me I had got ahead of myself with up and coming birthdays. I made the football card for my cousin's birthday, he is football mad and plays in a good local team. The football was cut on my gazelle and paperpieced.

The other card in progress is for my Mum to give to My Mother and Father in law for their anniversary coming up soon. It's their 60th. Quite plain and simple really, just cuttlebugged for embossing and a decoupage image.

Pop on over the stamping ground to check out everyone else's desks.....


I had to come on just to have a rant and blow off some steam....

My Mum delivered the card I made for the Scrumpy drinking, electric guitar playing 50 year old order today, and she has just rung me up to say the lady that ordered it wants it changed. (posted here if you want to see it).
Apparently she has asked for the name Jane to also be included in the inside....fair enough I thought. But then she said that she also wanted the scrumpy picture much bigger and that I had forgotten the drum kit!!!!
What drum kit I said. Well I now know that she also plays drums, but the lady didn't ask for that and where she thinks I can put that know I don't know!!!
I am trying to tell myself that the customer is always right but I am not feeling it right now!

Sorry rant over.

Morning WOYWW er's

Good Morning to you all

I have my latest project to show you this morning. The 21st Card that I shared last week went down a storm and resulted in an order from another club lady for a 50th card for her neice. She sounds like a bit of a character really, the background I was given was that she is to be 50 years old, plays electric guitar in a band and is nicknamed Scrumpy! The request was that I use the same card shape as the 21st...so here it is..

Outside                                                                 and Inside...
I have decided to be brave and enter this one for a challenge, after a chat with Chrissie yesterday (thanks for your time and advice Chrissie!), I am going to enter this card in the challenge at Crafty Ann's Blog. Pop over and have a look.
Now some of you will know by now that I can't work in a total mess, so once I had finished I tidied up ready for another session this morning...but  guess what?????   Don't tell any one, but I think my house has a crafting fairy, or a ghost??? Look at my desk this morning-

The guilty party is my Daughter, who now she is finished exams and college and that annoying stuff is resurrecting her scrapbook that she started ages ago. This is the result of her rummaging through my papers etc for matching colours for her pages.....now where did I see that padlock???

Pop over the Stamping Ground to check out the other WOYWW desks today.

Just a quickie

Mandy at Craft Fox Cards has some great candy on offer for her birthday....Click and check it out.

Happy Birthday Mandy!!

New Look

Hi everyone, as you can see I have been chained to the computer most of the day trying to update the look of my blog. After a couple of nervous breakdowns, a lot of tea and a fair amount of chocolate, I have got this far. I think I like this layout a lot better as it is much lighter and more cheerful. I have surprised myself by managing to embed (techie term!!!) two...yes two! slide shows as well.

Off for a lie down in a dark room now to recover. Let me know what you think!

WOYWW- here again!

Hi everyone, welcome to my world once again. Well let me see what have I got to tell you all about...not much really, it's been a bit of a quiet week for me really. I do have a photo of my desk for you, but it is a bit tidy again I am afraid. I have just got to the end of making another moses basket to order, and before I have room to make the presentation box for it I had to clear up the nuclear fallout from the basket itself. Sorry about that!

This time I have been asked to do a lemon one, I must say that as this is the second one I have now done in as many weeks, this one was much quicker to do. Hopefully the box will be easier this time too.

Those eagle eyed amongst you will have seen what I have spent the rest of my time on the last day or so....I have now completed my collection of Promarkers. When I say completed, I mean I now have as many as I deemed to be essential colours, so I am done really. I ordered the whole lot at once having saved up what I have been given for making cards since Xmas. I found a really good online deal for a selection of your choice of 25 pens for £34. Bargain I thought so I had to have 2 sets didn't I? Of course that meant re organising my storage system, but I didn't mind really.

The rest of my time has been tied up with family stuff really. My Son is on work experience with the school. He came home last night absolutely exhausted, poor thing, and now can see why adults say that school days are the best of your lives. Only seems a short time ago that he was starting secondary school...time flies!
My Daughter is worn out too. She has her last A level exam today, which will be a relief and she has also been holding down two part time jobs the last few weeks, but it's her last weekend at one of them so things will relax a bit there too.

It was lovely to have contact with Jan and Chrissie during the week too. It is amazing when you think how big the web is that I discovered Spyder on a forum and found she was quite near me, and then discover that Chrisie and Jan are very close too. Quite a coincidence really.

Don't forget to visit Jan's blog at Stamping Ground to check out the rest of the WOYWW visitors.

Have a good day everyone.

Two posts in one day!!!!

I am on fire today, I have got so much done I have just about caught up!
This is my latest one. I was asked for a special 21st card for a young Mum who has had a bit of a tough time of late. Well girls we all love our shoes don't we? So that is what I went with. This card is made on my Gazelle using a labels nestie type file from Penny Duncan. She has some fantastic files to share here, she rocks...Thank you Penny! So I used her label file to create the book shapes and built up several pages, but the book is then mounted on an easel style card design. I got the idea from a post on Valita's Designs Blog where she uses the spellbinders dies to create a smaller card.

The middle section of the card looks like this:-

And if you turn the whole thing and open like a regular card there is a section to write a message and I managed to find a really fitting poem to go inside.
Well I hope you like my card and my thanks to Penny and Valita.

Catching Up!!

This week has been a bit of a rush. I am still trying to catch up after the CBI last week put me out of action. I am all healed up now and am desperately trying to catch up on my card orders. Just though I would pop pics up for anyone who is interested in looking....
These two are the cards for my Cousins wife's birthday coming up, you might have seen the images part way done in my WOYWW post this week, so I thought I would show you the finished articles.
This one is for the same lady that ordered the moses basket the other day. She was really pleased with it and now wanted a card to send to the "other Grandma" to be. Nice thought!


Hello everyone!!
Well it's Wednesday again already...where does the time go? I must be getting old as I remember my Mum years ago saying "the time just seems to go faster and faster" and I remember thinking that either she was loosing her marbles or she just didn't know what she was on about....and here I am saying the same thing!!! Help!!!

I have taken a picture of my desk this morning...although not much has happened here in the last week really. I have just about recovered from my CRI (chopping board related incident!). Actually for me the bruising has gone quite quickly, normally I bruise easily and take ages to heal...I kept smothering it in Arnica and it certainly seemed to do the trick. So what is happening?
If you look carefully you might just be able to see a couple of stamped images that I started to work on yesterday. These will be used for my Cousin's wife's birthdays cards. One from me and one from Mum. On the right you can see what I have been keeping myself busy with while I couldn't use my fingers properly. I decided to sort out all my clear stamps. I am fed up with scrabbling in the drawers to find one that I kind of think I remember that I might have...so now they are all on acetate and filed according to the subject....how organized is that  huh???  impressed....thought you might be...I kind of shocked myself a bit there too!
As there hasn't been much action around here lately I thought I would give you a peek at the rest of my room..... No I am not shut in a tiny cupboard, although I have to admit from the pictures I have posted so far I would forgive you for thinking that. This is the area to the left of the desk:-

And this is my storage area and worktop behind my desk:-
The sloping ceilings in this room cause me some problems but I think I am using just about every inch I can!Behind me as I took this picture is a large L shaped desk with tons of cdroms and a couple of computers...boring so I didn't shoot those. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my little space....and that it has satisfied the curiosity of some of the nosier ones of you out there...mentioning no names of course (Spyder!) LOL.
Don't forget to visit everyone's else's desk by going to Stamping Ground and picking up the links from there.

Have a great day everyone....bye for now!!


Oh dear....I joined in for the first time last week, and loved the responses form everyone, thanks to all who took the time to comment. I also loved browsing through other participants.  I was really looking forward to joining in again this week, but last night disaster struck! I am still not entirely sure how it happened, but last night I made a really nice chilli con carne for tea.....so what I hear you cry! Well I was clearing up afterwards and holding a conversation with my Son at the same time. I went to stand my great big heavy chopping board up against the backdrop, as I have done many many times, and somehow if slipped or toppled, don't know which, but all I know is that I had turned to talk to Dan and then felt an incredible pain in my fingers. The darn board had landed on my finger tips trapping them between the board and the granite worktop. Sounds pathetic I know, but I have never known pain like it....worse than childbirth! It was all my brain could do to comprehend the pain. I couldn't talk to Dan to say what I had done at all, no words would come out. I put my hand in cold water straight away and watched my fingers go red, then black. I didn't know whether I was going to faint or be sick. Anyway the upshot is that I am typing with one hand now, can't craft at all as I can't use the fingers of my left hand.....hence my work desk is tidy and completely empty....nothing to see here folks...move on please!!!!
Please accept my apologies an my promise that I will be back next week!

Baby's Birth Request

My Mum is in her 70's now and goes along to "her Club" every week to meet up with her friends. One of them had seen some of the cards I make and she asked Mum if I would do something for her to give her niece who is about to give birth. She doesn't know yet if it is a Boy or Girl, so it had to be a neutral colour......well I had a bit of a think and then decided that this would be the perfect time to try out my new Arty Farty template. The moses crib. Now for a first attempt I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. What do you all think?


Hello everyone...I am being very brave today...I have decided to join in the WOYWW "club". So this is my first post in this area, and I hope you will be gentle with me?
Well here is my work desk this morning... I have tidied up a bit in your honour, but won't promise to do that every week!! As you can see I haven't got far with my promarker collection yet. I made my storage area along the back there...now I just have to fill it. Problem is I have loads of duplicate colours due to gift, so I have only put out one of each. My tool holder on the left hand side was made from a tutorial I found on a blog. I was really pleased with that.
The card I am finishing off today is for my little cousin who is gorgeous and two years old this week. Here's a closer look:-

I have been following the WOYWW blogs for a while now...hope you don't mind me joining in!

P.S. thank you for your welcome messages WOYWW ladies....I promise I won't tidy up before I photograph next week!!