Second live showing of Jennie's Cd's

Well Jennies CD's were on Create and Craft (freeview channel 36) again this morning. I can't get used to seeing something I have made on the TV. It's really quite exciting! I couldn't see the whole show today, Had to take Jenny to her singing lesson, but I saw the first half hour or so and the CD's seemed to be selling well again. I am so pleased for Jennie, she has worked so hard on them. If anyone reading this is a fan....keep watching as there will be another CD soon.

Ongoing Quest...

My ongoing quest has been t find a Blog  layout that a) I liked and b) didn't look boring. I would like to thank Spyder, who I met on the Card-Making World forum. She pointed me in the direction of Delightful Dots. There were some lovely layouts there, but not quite what I was thinking of, but there was a link to Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds....and here I am.
Thanks Spyder!!