Ohh dear!!

Well I was right, the printer couldn't stand the strain. Just spent the best part of 2 hours trying to fix it. Managed to get it going, not sure how long for though. Just as well as I have loads of templates to make samples from for JennieBean. Why is it that mechanical things always seem to expire just when you really need them????

Xmas Cards

Decided that as it is Dec 1st I really had better get on with the inserts and envelopes for my cards.....my printer is about to exploded I think!!!

Second live showing of Jennie's Cd's

Well Jennies CD's were on Create and Craft (freeview channel 36) again this morning. I can't get used to seeing something I have made on the TV. It's really quite exciting! I couldn't see the whole show today, Had to take Jenny to her singing lesson, but I saw the first half hour or so and the CD's seemed to be selling well again. I am so pleased for Jennie, she has worked so hard on them. If anyone reading this is a fan....keep watching as there will be another CD soon.

Ongoing Quest...

My ongoing quest has been t find a Blog  layout that a) I liked and b) didn't look boring. I would like to thank Spyder, who I met on the Card-Making World forum. She pointed me in the direction of Delightful Dots. There were some lovely layouts there, but not quite what I was thinking of, but there was a link to Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds....and here I am.
Thanks Spyder!!


I had every intention of making and posting this week....but have been so poorly with a massive cold.......maybe next week....
At Last!!!! I have finally managed to sort out a half decent style for my blog. I would love to be able to take the credit, but actually it was my daughter Jenny who managed it. I had got to the stage where I had almost decided that I wouldn't bother...on the grounds that I was obviously too dumb to operate one!!